Find a Veterinarian

5 Tips to Finding a Great Veterinarian.

1. To find a veterinarian ask your friends if they like their Veterinarian. This is the best way to find a quality Veterinarian.

2. Go and visit their office without your pet. Get a feel for the receptionist and the technicians. Is the office clean and bright? Do the floors look clean? You could even ask to speak with the Veterinarian, but he/she is unlikely to have time to talk to you.

3. Ask the receptionist how much are the standard fees. What forms of payment do they accept? Do they accept pet insurance? If they do accept pet insurance, what companies do they accept?

4. Veterinary Emergency services should be offered by your Vet. Either offer the service at the clinic, or refers them out. You will likely have a pet emergency at some time while owning your pet, so find out know where to go for emergency services.

5. Is the Veterinarian a specialist in any fields, like feline internal medicine? Does your Veterinarian refer out difficult cases to specialists? No one veterinarian can do it all, so it’s best to know if difficult cases are referred out.

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