5 Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make

Last week someone emailed me and asked, "What are some things busy pet owners often overlook?"

After I thought about it, I decided that 5 major things came to mind. Today, I hope to share these with you.

Fact #1
90% of lost pets
with no identification
never return home

Here is a quick summary of my thoughts on this question and how to avoid some of these mistakes.

#1 Missing Yearly Exams

Yearly exams are very important because it can help us catch and treat minor health problems before they can become major. Blood work and fecals can catch problems early before the pet displays physical signs of illness.

#2 Not Having A Current ID Tag or Microchip

Most dogs and cats do not have ID tags or microchips. Although dog owners are better than cat owners in this area. Remember, even some indoor cats can manage to sneak out the door every once in a while, which is why they should be microchipped.

A microchip is the best way for a lost dog or cat to be returned to you, because a collar can be torn off, a microchipped cannot be removed.

Microchips are not that expensive any more and they give us more piece of mind.
Fact #2
1 in 3 pets will
become lost in
their lifetime

#3 Not Offering Proper Nutrition

Obesity is a big problem for dogs and cats. If your pet is not in the growth stages any more, consider feeding a reduced calorie diet to help keep them slim and in shape.

Just like in people, a fat dog is much more susceptible to certain diseases.

#4 Not Doing Checkups On Your Pet

Dogs and especially cats are very good at hiding sickness. Often by the time we notice the pet is sick, the illness has become more severe.

Every Saturday do a MINI EXAM on your dog or cat, it only takes five minutes. Check their mouth, eyes, ears, and run your hands along their bodies to check for lumps and body condition.

#5 Not Paying Attention To Toxins and Other Dangers

Dogs and cats are very good at finding things they should not and eating them. Like bones, sewing needles and thread, licking household cleaners, and eating toxic plants.
Fact #3
Almost 4 million
pets are euthanized
per year because their
owner's couldn't be found

Spend some time thinking about pet poisoning prevention and pet-proofing your house. Not only will it help keep your pet safe but will save you hundreds in vet bills.

Remember, no matter what you do to keep your pet safe, please get them microchipped. The next time you are at the vet clinic, ask how much it is and get it.

It is a small amount for some good piece of mind.

P.S. If you want more information on microchipping pets, check out HomeAgain, they are one of the leading services.

P.P.S. Ask a vet if the type of microchip your pet has can be read by the scanners that local shelters have. There are two different types of microchips on the market, make sure local shelters can read your pet's microchip.

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