7 Worst Things About Owning A Cat

Owning a cat is one of the great luxuries of life. They bring a lot of love and joy into our lives and always seem to be doing something that amuses us.

For many people their pets are like their children, and just like children, cats can bring a few other things besides joy.

One recent poll that was conducted of cat owners revealed what they thought was the worst things about owning a cat.

So here is the top 7 from that list:

1. Cat Hair

2. Inappropriate urination / spraying

3. Destroying / Scratching furniture

4. Having to scoop the litter box

5. Cost of medical care

6. Litter box odors

7. Waking you up

The good news is that there are several ways to minimize these discomforts of owning a cat.

Cat Hair

To control pet hair there are many products on the market today like the Furminator and other brushes to help remove loss hair.

Daily brushing for about 5 minutes really reduces the amount of shedding and reduces the number of hairballs.

Cost of Medical Care

One of the best ways to prevent large vet bills is to take your cat in for regular health checks. If you can't save money for a pet emergency fund, there are more and more companies offering pet insurance. In my latest blog post I listed them, but can find a good list here: Pet Insurance Companies.

Cat Behavior Problems

There are many good cat behavior programs out there that are either free or very cheap. One of my most popular books is all about cat behavior, it's called Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems

Litter Box Odors

There are dozens of products on the market that claim that they control pet odor, but most are the same product with just a different label.

Zero Odor is actually a patent pending cleaning agent. They claim their product actually changes the molecules that cause odors instead of just making them up. This product does have only 5 Star reviews at Amazon.com

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