April 14th archive

Question from Denise, TX
My puppy has a red spot on top of its neck? The dog is not scratching. What do you think it is?

Hi Denise. It sounds like your dog likely has a condition commonly called "ringworm". Although it is called ringworm, ringworm in dogs is caused by a fungal infection. Another possibility is demodex. Demodex is a mite that normally lives in the hair follicle, but is more active sometimes in puppies. Take your dog to the Veterinarian, and they will most likely do a "skin scraping". From this procedure they should be able to determine the exact cause of the spot.

Question from Brian, CA
Hi doc. My cat Tom is spending a lot of time in the litter box, what should I do.

Hello Brian. This could be number of things, and you should see a Veterinarian immediately. Some possible include, constipation, which is more likely in older obese cats. Also, a urinary tract infection or a blocked urinary tract from a bladder stone. This is considered an emergency and you should seek Veterinarian assistance immediately. Thanks, Dr. Chris