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Free Online Veterinarian Advice E-zine, Issue #001
July 02, 2005

Pet Newsletter for July 2005

In this issue:

Restructured site
Why don't you respond to questions?
Client compliance
Arthritis in Dogs Beware!
Declaw in cats

Restructured Site! During June we have made numerous revisions to our site. This includes grouping the pet health articles, and question archives by species, Check it out at Dog Health

and Cat Health.

Why donít you answer my questions? Being a free service, I get lots of questions. Some of the questions are repeated often, so I just write an article about them and put it under the Cat or Dog Health column. Some questions I do respond to personally, others I post answers to the archives. Check it out at Ask a Vet.

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!

Client Compliance

In a recent study from a Canadian veterinary school, 90 dog owners of dogs prescribed antimicrobials were evaluated using an electronic monitoring device on the pill bottle. Only 64% of doses were given on time! This is significantly lower than the rates self-reported by the owners.

Arthritis in dogs

Beware of the many products on the market that claim to treat canine arthritis. Of all the products on the market, only Adequan Canine is the only one that is actually FDA approved. Adequan Canine is proven to slow the disease process and stimulate cartilage repair. It is given by an intramuscular injection so more of the dose can rapidly get to the joint than is possible with an oral medication. Adequan Canine is only available with a prescription through your Veterinarian.

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Declawing in Cats

Cat with and without onychectomy (declaw) were tested for pain using gait evaluation. Cats were placed on a treadmill at constant velocity and peak vertical force and vertical impulse data was collected. No differences were found between groups for mean gait velocity or acceleration, peak vertical force, or vertical impulse.

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