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Free Online Veterinarian Advice E-zine, Issue #002
July 30, 2005

Pet Newsletter for July 2005

In this issue:

Hartz stops flea products
Probiotics for Pets
Obesity in Exotic Pets
VCA acquires Pet's Choice

Hartz flea products Hartz Mountain Corp., the most popular brand of pet care products available in drugstores and grocery stores, will relabel or phase out several flea and tick products under pressure from the U.S. government. The products were associated with hair loss, salivation, tremors and numerous deaths of cats and kittens. Cats appear sensitive to phenothrin, the active ingredient in their products. Hartz will stop production of their products in September 2005, and will stop selling the product in December 2005.

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Probiotics in pets Probiotics are living organisms which after ingestion exert health benefits beyond their nutritional value. Probiotics can be used for inflammatory bowel conditions, to protect against sepsis, post-operative infections, and lower the need for surgery in cases of acute pancreatitis. Probiotics can be used to help treat certain infectious diarrheas, and may inhibit colon carcinogenesis. Live probiotics offer clear benefits over heat-killed or dead bacteria. The major problem with probiotics is quality. In a 2003 study, zero of the 19 commercial pet foods claiming to include probiotics actually contained all the organisms listed on the package.

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Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!

Obesity in exotic pest Obesity is becoming more of a problem for exotic pets. In a multi-year study by Banfield it was found that 12% of avian patients, 12.5% of ferrets, and 34.9% of rabbits were considered overweight. As in humans, obesity results in a variety of health problems and shortens life spans. A lot of bird owners only feed their birds seeds that are high in fat. Also, an adult green iguana only needs to be feed every other day, not everyday. People are not as aware of obesity in exotic pets as they are for cats and dogs.

VCA acquires Pet's Choice

VCA Antech Inc. of Los Angeles will acquire Petís Choice Inc. of Bellevue, Washington. Petís Choice operates 46 pet hospitals in five states. Following the acquisition VCA will operate 365 hospitals in 37 states. No plans were in place to close any hospitals as a result of the merger. The pet ownerís who will likely see the most changes are in Washington, Texas, and Arizona.

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