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Free Online Veterinarian Advice E-zine, Issue #004
October 01, 2005

Pet Newsletter for September 2005

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In the month of September Iíve added several articles that I introduce below, which are in addition to the weekly answers to pet questions I receive.

Anipryl for the Treatment of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction.

For you owners of older dogs you might think your dog is just showing signs of aging. But some signs could be of something bigger. Be careful you donít dismiss some signs of this disease as ďmy dog is just getting older.Ē Anipryl is a medication that could help give you a few more great years with your dog.

Clomicalm for the Treament of Seperation Anxiety in Dogs.

Many owners have experienced signs of seraption anxity in their dogs. These signs can be quite troubling to even severe. In addition to several behavoural modifications you can try there is also a medication called Clomicalm used to treat this condition in severe situations.

Canine Distemper

Many people have never seen this disease, but have only heard of it because most dogs are vaccinated against it. In many parts of the United States, and even the world canine distemper continues to be a troublesome disease. Most people have heard of parvo, but not many people know what signs to look for with canine distemper virus.

Dog Hot Spots

If you have seen a dog with a hot spot, you know how irritating they can be for the dog, and how quickly a little spot can become a bigger spot. In this article I go over some basic care advice, and what you can do at home to help your dog.

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Chris Suckow, DVM Los Angeles, CA

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