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Free Online Veterinarian Advice E-zine, Issue #0606
June 28, 2006

Thanks for reading this issue. This issue is dedicated to several topics; cat behavior problems, GPS tracking of dogs, pet insurance, and dog waste removal. Dr. Chris

1. GPS tracking of dogs 2. Pet insurance 2006. 3. Dog waste removal 4. Cat Behavior

1. GPS tracking of dogs

Whether your dog is inside or outside there is always a possibility that your dog could escape. Thanks to today’s technology there are now devices that can help you track your dog. Click Here for the article.

Check out this article is you hunt with your dog. There are collars your dog could wear to help you track him too! Dog tracking system

2. Pet Insurance 2006

Pet insurance is a subject that comes up often in talking with clients. If you are thinking about getting insurance for your pet or are thinking about switching providers here are some important things to think about when it comes to Pet Insurance.

3 Picking up dog poop.

Recently Merial Limited in an effort to raise the awareness of dog owners about parasite contamination of dog feces surveyed dog owners in 15 cities. What they found was that the worst 5 cities for picking up dog poop were Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Seattle. The top 5 cities were San Franciso, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and St. Paul.

As a dog owner you should be aware that your dog’s feces could be a cause of parasite infection in humans. (the CDC reported 10,000 of these cases last year) Worm eggs in the dog feces can remain infected in the soil for years, long after the rest of the waste has deteriorated.

Merial produces FRONTLINE, the Number 1 flea and tick product for dogs and cats in the world Frontline Plus

4.Cat Behavior

Many cat owners have litter box, house soiling, cat biting, or feline aggression issues at some point. I recently wrote a book that covers all these issues. Its called Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems.

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