March 14th archive

Barbara from CA writes:

Can I get ringworm from my dog?
Hi Barbara. Yes, you can get ringworm from your dog. If you suspect that your dog has ringworm, you should take him to your veterinarian for treatment.

Also please keep your face away from your pet if he/she has ringworm, and wash any blankets your pet has come into contact with. See: Ringworm in Dogs.

Your pet can also give ringworm to other pets as well.

Dr. Chris

Alissa from Oregon writes:

Do you recommend pet insurance?
Hi Alissa. Pet insurance is a complicated issue. Many companies that offered pet insurance 10 to 15 years ago are no longer in business due to the economics of insuring pets.

Pet insurance plans have improved a lot over the years. Insurance is not for every pet. You need to look at the plans offered closely, because every plan is different. Also you should find out what diseases your breed of dog or cat is most prone to and make sure it is covered in the plan. Purebred dogs and cats are often more prone to illness than other breeds.

See: Compare Pet Insurance.

Discuss this with your Veterinarian to see which companies offer plans in your state. Also, ask you Veterinarian if they get a commission on the plan that they are recommending.

Dr. Chris