Antibiotics For Your Pet

There are many types of antibiotics for your pet. Antibiotics are one of the most frequent types of medications given to pets. Antibiotics are given to pets to help fight against bacterial diseases like skin infections. Antibiotics are drugs that either stop the bacteria from reproducing, or kill the bacteria. Although antibiotics help your pet a great deal towards fighting infections, your pet needs a strong immune system to completely get rid of the infections.

When your Veterinarian prescribes an antibiotic for your pet it is very important that you following their instructions. Some important things you need to keep in mind are:

• How often to give the drug: daily, twice daily, weekly
• How much of the drug to give your pet each time
• How many days do you need to give the drug

These are all important factors to pay attention to. Not all antibiotics work in the same way, or are used for the same infection. Some antibiotics need to be given three times a day, while others are only given once a day.

It is also important to give the medication the exact number of days the Veterinarian says. Antibiotics can not just be given one time, they need to be given over a number of days to fight the infection.

Some common antibiotics given to pets include: Baytril, Clavamox, and cephalexin. By following your Veterinarians instructions closely your pet should be able to over come the infection.

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