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Here is a collection of short pet poems contributed by our readers.

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I Smile 
I wake up to the fur of a dog in my face, and smile. I trip over four legs with fur, and smile. I watch an excited shih Tzu circle the door to go out, …

Black Wolf 
Dark eyes glowing in the dark. Searching for prey in the night. His soul is quiet as he hunts. For his survival he seeks. His flexes his claws as …

Sunny's Favorite Ride 
I'll only shop at Petsmart with my pup named Sunny. We always need more toys and yummies for his tummy.

My Best Friend 
One Day One Loss My Heart My Friend Two Eyes Full of Tears Rest Now My Best Friend

perfect storm 
I have a black lab named Storm. She is a perfect storm, too bad she is not a perfect dog.

Elvis Haiku 
My Small Dog Elvis Is a Baptist, I think He bites me When I dance.

My Pony 
Trot along pony late in the day down by the meadow's lovliest way, trot along pony, trot along home.

My Dog Halo 
I'm proud of my shitzu and that is that Except, of course, when he humps the cat!

In Remembrance Of Our Kitty-boy Benjamin 8/20/07-3/25/09 
Little kitty-boy running down our hall Playing with dad Your sweet disposition The love shared All were gifts …

Man's Best Friend 
Dogs are man's best friends. Playing, guarding, or waiting for that one moment you acknowledge them.

Is Your Puggie Blue? 
Is your Puggie Blue? Well my Puggie is too. Nothing will make him happier than a $25.00 gift card from you know who? PETMART, that's who!

Guinea Haiku 
Breakfast time delight Sweet squeaks and tiny jumps from Little guinea pig

Cat Love 
My cats love me and I love them all, But not so much when I see a hairball! Ew.

My Pets 
My pets love me and I love them, They make me smile each day. I want them with me all the time, To laugh and jump and play.

My Little Boy Not rated yet
Little Luke is a joy He likes to play with his toys He is my sweet boy!

I see the fly Not rated yet
My Claw is sharp The shelf is high My senses overwhelm

Kayla's Rainbow Not rated yet
I got Kayla at 8 weeks, she stayed for 15 years. But her love still surrounds me when Kayla's rainbow appears.

A Haiku about Milo Not rated yet
Was barely alive He was found in a rain storm Now is full of life

Animal Are Crazy Not rated yet
i have a cat nemed nemisiss he is a brat of a cat toad is a load tuna is a sucky i shuld get him a duckie caspie is a weardo cacie is old daisy …

my best friend Not rated yet
she will dig and run ,fetch and have fun

Hamster Haiku Not rated yet
Hamsters- what are they? They are cute, adorable. They love to sleep. Aww!

Our Guardian Angel  Not rated yet
The guardian angel who saved and blessed our family. With her passing passing presence she left us seven seeds as proof that there things worth believing …

oscar Not rated yet
oscar is my beuatiful cat he eats like a goat with a hat i love him and he loves me he always grabs some of my tea i love u posky

My wonderful Roxy Not rated yet
My dear doggie Roxy You are so foxy you love to be dressed and playing with my legs, you know what you want and know how to express it I love you …

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Ben's Tiger Not rated yet
We miss you Tiger, you big ole boy you brought us such joy. You pranced around like you were king and if anyone crossed you you made them sing.

Sam's Little Miss Kitty Not rated yet
Little Miss Kitty, You are so pretty. You are such a joy Where is your boy? You are full of love, You are a gift from above

Wally,Wally, Wally you're such a dolly. You bring such unconditional love You are a gift from above.

Our yorkshire terrier :Shalom Not rated yet
He's a beuty The way he do his duty. He makes us laugh when he comes out the bath He's a beuty The way he do his duty. He wiggle his tail When …

Jolie, our Jolie Not rated yet
Jolie! The name alone Bespeaks a cheery soul, A happy life, and lots of love! That's our Jolie! A bouncing little bit of bliss For both of us, …


Puppy with a "P" Not rated yet
The puppy is as cute as can be Until she squats on the couch to pee No, puppy, no!!!

brownie  Not rated yet
Brownie is a tortie cat and has a mind of her own. She owns one master and bosses her around royaly:)

Herding Cats Not rated yet
Cat lessons: Nap frequently. Stretch lots. Eat often. Listen to no one.

MY BEAR Not rated yet
I have a bulldog and he is huge He's like Will Rogers kinda He never met food he didn't like.

Unconditional Love Not rated yet
He meows sweetly. His silky fur caresses my leg. My soul smiles as I hear his purr. Unconditional love.

Protector of the night. Not rated yet
A muffled woof in his sleep. Buster guards me while tucked up so neat. Little legs move ever so fast chasing dreams that can never last.

Maggie Not rated yet
My sweet little devil dog Black as midnight You're such a tattletale For telling on your sister With one bark and a look You took her fun away …

Ode to Rafi Not rated yet
We miss you Rafi-the best golden yet- loving, kind and with a palate of a king! Food was your thing! Dianesmb@aol.com

True Love Not rated yet
They forgive and forget Their love's a sure bet For comfort and loyalty You can't beat a pet

My Cat Calli Not rated yet
My cats is named Calli She thinks she's a dog. She follows me everywhere And sleeps in my bed. She drinks from the toilet. She chases away dogs. …

Understanding Not rated yet
Pets take you as you are. No expectations, no judgements. The best listeners ever. Four feet and hearts of gold.

Oh To Be A Dog.... Not rated yet
Wouldn't it be fun to be a dog. Even for a day. Get up and eat and then just play Go for a nice walk with my owners. We stop and I sit at all the corners. …

Pete Not rated yet
I have a parakeet named Pete, He is really neat... he flys high & low.... when i cant see him... i say whered he GO?

My Buddy Not rated yet
Little puppy full of love, God sent you from above. I love you, you love me. A better dog couldn't be.

The New Baby Not rated yet
My new baby boy has four legs and a tail, but I still think he has my eyes.

Chow time Not rated yet
Big Cats, Little Cats, See how they hunt, Even the little runt, Loves to munch, Big rats, little rats, MUNCH!

Snickerpickles Not rated yet
Little Snickers is a puppy with a plan. Every day, it's eat, eat, eat anything he can.

Precious feline Not rated yet
Precious feline, you eat and sleep and stare into space, is that what you do all day?

Kitty Critters Not rated yet
Well Rascal and Boo I adopted these two Now Rascal and Boo Have adopted me too.

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MY DOGGIE HAS A NAME Not rated yet

A Kitty Haiku Not rated yet
Our cat is called Scout She is always cold so she sleeps in warm places

The Purr-fect Pet Not rated yet
My cat's the purr-fect pet for me, She's furry, clean and sleeps 'til 3. She eats and plays, then zzzzzz!

Cats & Dogs Not rated yet
The joy in your eyes, in your run, when I come home, make the troubles of the day disappear.

Windsor Not rated yet
Windsor will steal your HEART. Such a loving little guy! Loves his treats from PETSMART! I would never lie.

My Dog Not rated yet
Gaping mouth with tongue hung out A canine smile of glee And I know without a doubt That smile is for me!

Don't Cry for me when I'm gone Not rated yet
Three score and ten are given to man, But ours is a much briefer span. So, though I give you all my heart, The time will come when we must part. But …

K9 Not rated yet
Guess who ate my Scrabble tiles? Silly puppy squats and smiles, Turning all my lovely words Into literate doggie turds.

Lots of dogs Not rated yet
Why own a dog? There's danger you know You can't own just one, the craving will grow There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger …

Oh, Tazzy! Not rated yet
Oh Tazzy, good thing you're cute as a bug- cause I'm not mad you peed on the rug!

Pets Don't Fret Not rated yet
Pets don't fret about trying times gee, I hope this rhymes They worry not We should give that a shot!

Lucky Dog Not rated yet
My name is Bubba and I'm here to say Bubba needs a few new chew toys today. Hey Hey. Arf.

Bambina Not rated yet
My constant companion My loyal friend The sweetest puppy In the universe- Bambina.

Comeback Not rated yet
Lucky Lost little guy Found, Vet fixed Fed Loved Now King of all he surveys Boss of Zoe-white lab

Food Critic Not rated yet
My dog won't eat what I cook. He'll sniff out every cranny and nook, but he won't touch what I cook. If I make a casserole he'll take a look, and sniff …

Best Bud Not rated yet
Whether crabby, angry, lonely, or hungry. If you have a dog, you will have a Best Bud.

WE LIKE TO PET OUR CAT Not rated yet
We like to pet our cat. We like to stroke its fur... And,he shows he likes it,too, With each and ev'ry purr.

They Give Me Love Not rated yet
They eat, they play They get in my way Yet, by all above, They give me love!

Birds Not rated yet
My Birds are children So Sunny and Tweety So playful and loving My birds are to me each morning they wake ready to play Good morning to …

Ike is Nice Not rated yet
My shih tzu is behaved He was rescued and needed training Now it's done so thank you!

My Cat Boo Bear!!! Not rated yet
BooBear wakes me up every morning with that loud purr followed by her big fluffy tail. She brings me her toys to play, Oh how I love her more and more …

Mindy The Boston Terrier Not rated yet
Mindy the Boston With Sponk and Pazz Your bounce and your spring keeps you bringing more joy than you know! Mindy Madness Incredible Naughty …

She is Not rated yet
She's my friend, my companion, and my protecter. She's good company and doesn't talk back. I love her. My dog.

I Love Dog Hair Not rated yet
I love doig hair Love to find it everywhere Because it means, I have a dog!

My puppies' eyes Not rated yet
My puppies' eyes are windows to their souls. I see their trust. I see and feel their love.

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I Love Dog Hair Not rated yet
I love dog hair Love to find it everywhere I love dog hair Because it means I have a dog!

My Izzy Not rated yet
Her name is Izzy, and she's a hound, she always barks, when strangers come around!

A smart cat Not rated yet
I once had a cat It thought it was so smart When it wanted to eat She went to petsmart

puppy confusion Not rated yet
I'm still just a young pup and I don't understand some words, like when my person says the word "neuter" as she picks up my turds.

Happy Happy Ham Not rated yet
Hi, My name is Ham! I am a happy happy boy! A $25 gift card will make me even happier ............................Cuz I'll go get a new toy!!

Cubes and Cloroplast Not rated yet
Guinea pigs need a big cage Cube cages are the rage. Give space to roam Give them a big home!

Maddie The Wizzard Not rated yet
Mom says I must be a Wizzard Cause gather, I do, Snails and Lizzards!

Our Max Not rated yet
My Maine Coon Max Loves to lie and relax Love him so much So soft to touch Until he attacks

CRAZY Not rated yet

My Family Not rated yet
My pets are my children and are my family Only the don't move out when they're 18.

LOVE Not rated yet
The love of a pet Is beautiful and true If you don't have one Your life sure is blue.

My Lula Bell Not rated yet
I love my dog Lula Don't let her small size fool ya She is as quick and smart as a whip But just won't learn the command to sit

Life With 23 Dogs and Cats Not rated yet
I'm home from work, time to clean. Poop on the floor. Vomit and pee everywhere, oh let's see-- couch cushions without stuffing, socks destroyed. …

Why we love our pets! Not rated yet
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Missy is sweet and loving, And we love her so much.

Muffy Not rated yet
I am a beagle, sad to say, it has been found that I am a Chow Hound!!!

My Best Friend Not rated yet
From the beginning of time, I thank God above. For the Best Friends of mine, And all their Love.

My Pets Not rated yet
I love my dogs, I love my cats There's really nothing Wrong with that!

My Babies Not rated yet
I have three chihuahuas, Button, Zipper, and Snap. They love to play and eat, But most of all to nap.

Stubborn Not rated yet
My dog Orlagh, She knows sit, lay and stay. "Time for outside" I say. Sit, lay, stay.

We Could Never Love You Enough Not rated yet
You are so small. We took you in. We had to do it. You were so thin. Now your ours. Through good and bad. You lost your home. It is so sad. You …

My Dog Poncho Not rated yet
Poncho loves to run He is a lot of fun He chases the cat It keeps him from getting fat.

Poop Not rated yet
I scoop and scoop and scoop the poop the poop the poop

Spaz vs. Squirt: Battle Royale Not rated yet
Spaz ,my cat, slept on the couch, she is always such a grouch. When Squirt pounces out of nowhere, you can hear her cry's from anywhere. She screeches …

My Dog Not rated yet
She lies at my feet Gazing adoringly upward at me She is beautiful herself But she sees only me

Canis Familiaris Not rated yet
A yip, a yelp, A plaintive cry for some help; A bud, a friend, A loyal partner to the end!

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Never Really Gone Not rated yet
What some call a pet Is family from the start. The greatest love you'll get Lasts forever in your heart.

Playful Pup Not rated yet
Our dog,no special breed. He is smart and fun. He knows what I need. He loves to run.

Our secret Not rated yet
A secret pet lovers share, Our friends define joy, All they ask is care, They love each girl and boy.

shep Not rated yet
there is a sheltie named shep who reminds me of actor depp cuz he is cute and smart and has a good heart and is the best sheltie of all my shep

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