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Ask A Vet Tips

Here are some tips to get the most out of asking an online veterinarian your pet health question.

1. Be Specific

Try to be as specific as possible when asking your question. The more information you provide the veterinarian the better the answer will be. If you dog is vomiting, include information like how long, age of dog, recent diet, etc.

2. Don't Use It For Emergencies

Ask A Vet, the Online Vet, is for informational purposes, it is not and should not be used for pet emergencies. If you think it is an emergency, time is crucial. Take the pet to your Veterinarian right away.

3. Don't Assume Anything

Even the most senior Veterinarians fall prey to this one once in a while. Some people see a dog that is limping and assume only one leg is involved and fail to examine the rest of the animal. A dog with leg trauma, may also have more severe head trauma.

4. It Is Not A Substitute

Ask A Vet should not be used in place of visiting your veterinarian on a regular basis. Your Veterinarian knows your pet the best and is therefore able to make the most accurate determination.

5. It's Only As Good As....

Remember, the answer you get is only as good as the information you describe. If the information you provide is not accurate, the Ask A Vet's answer will also likely not be an accurate diagnosis of the problem or treatment.
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