August 21-27 questions

Dalmatian incontinence

Dog chewing bandages

Mouse babies

Cat with brown bugs

Dog with hacking cough

Question from:Douglas; Oshkosh, WI
I have a older dog, 15 years old. She is a Dalmatian and has trouble holding her bladder and has small accidents throughout the day. Is there medication that can control this problem?


Your Dalmatian is most likely experiencing incontinence. This is not an uncommon in older female dogs who have been spayed. There are several possible causes of incontinence, but most common is hormonally responsive incontinence (low estrogen). If your veterinarian determines this is the case they will likely prescribe phenylpropanolamine (PPA), also known as Proin. This works for a lot of dogs, but if it doesn’t don’t give up hope. There are several other alternatives like diethylstilbestrol (DES). If your vet determines none of these medications work, it might be worth it to have an extensive work up done by a specialist to completely rule out other causes.

Question from:> Linda; Amarillo, TX
How can I prevent my lab from chewing bandages off his feet. I have the largest e-collar and he can still reach all four feet.


If the e-collar is not working you can try a product called “Bitter Apple Spray Deterent.” This is a safe non-irritating spray that you spray on the bandages giving them a sour taste. This will work to keep your dog from chewing on the bandages. This product also works good to keep dogs from chewing on sutures.

Question from:Katie; Fort Plain, NY
I had a mouse that had 10 babies. Well only 3 of them survived and are now 3 weeks old. The babies are a inch bigger than what they should. The mother was growing skinner and was panting all of the time. I went to move her into a different cage to find her dead. Is this because the babies were growing to fast. Will they be okay with out their mom?

Answer: Your baby mice should be fine because for most breeds of mice 21 days, or 3 weeks, is the recommended weaning age. You said they are bigger than normal even so they should be just fine. Just keep providing them with fresh food and water and they should do fine. It is hard to say why the mother mouse died without more information, but most likely it was either respiratory or kidney related.

Question from:Aurora; Littleton, CO
Colorado isn't known for fleas...what else could it be? They look very slender as opposed to round. My pour cat is itching like crazy. Can it spread to humans?

Answer:The most likely possibility for brown bugs on your cat are either fleas or ticks. If there are many of them and they crawl around they are fleas. If they tend to stay in one place they are ticks. Fleas are found everywhere, even in Colorado. The most popular product to threat fleas and ticks is one product called Frontline Plus.

Question from:Yolanda; Brownsville, TX
My pet is 1/2 pug 1/2 terrier & is having a problem with a dry hacking cough? Any suggestions as to what this is and how do I treat it?


Hi Yolanda. There are several possible causes of coughing in dogs. The most common is a condition called Kennel Cough. This is an infection that your dog gets from other dogs. Fortunately this condition often resolves on its own without antibiotics. Another possible cause in older dogs is congestive heart failure (CHF). This is where the heart is not efficient at pumping blood, and fluid builds up in the lungs causing a cough. I would see a veterinarian to determine the exact cause of the cough.

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