Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is one of the newest breeds of cats available today. Their popularity has grown fast and is one of the most popular cat breeds today. The unique and characteristic coat pattern is not easily confused with other breeds.

The Bengal cat is a hybrid animal. Hybrid means that it is from a breeding of two different cats. One was the Asian Leopard Cat and the other was the domestic cat. The Asian Leopard cat has a vary unique and desirable coat pattern and color. By crossing this leopard cat with the domestic cat, you can now get a domestic cat with an exotic coat pattern!

The Bengal cat came into existence around the 1970’s making it one of the newest breeds of cats on the market. Unlike the Asian Leopard cat, these Bengal cats are very lovable and exhibit all the characteristics you would want in a domestic house cat.

Bengal cats are medium sized cats that live roughly 12 to 16 years, which is shorter than Persian cats. Bengal cats are also not prone to as many health problems as seen in many purebred cats. This is one of the main advantages of hybrids. Hybrids often exhibit a trait called ‘hybrid vigor’ which means the hybrid cross is often healthier than either of the two breeds of cats from which it came.

The coat of the Bengal cat is either marbled or spotted. The coat has a very silky feel and shedding is minimal. Bengal cats also have a very unique voice as well.

If you are looking for a unique cat to own that can be the center of the conversation than a Bengal cat is for you. With its low maintenance and love for people, it will continue to be a popular cat for years to come.

Bengal Cat

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