Best Dry Dog Food Brands

5 Factors to Help You Decide

Many pet owners wonder what are the best dry dog food brands available?

This is not an easy decision to be made. While many companies actual rank pet foods like Consumer Reports, most people rely on personal opinion when choosing.

Here are 5 things to help you decide on the best dry dog food brands.

1. Primary Meat Ingredient

The first ingredient listed on the package should be some type of meat, and preferably it should be a type of meat that you can recognize.

2. Primary Carbohydrate

Cheaper brands of dog food often use corn as the primary carbohydrate. However , brown rice is often much more easier to digest for dogs, and is often used a lot in puppy food.

3. Quality Control

The overall quality of the product is very important. One way to see if they have a long history of quality is to see if they have been involved in any dog food recalls. Lately.

4. Reputation

What is the reputation of the company, do they even have one? Look for a company that has a history of giving back, and one that takes time to educated pet owners about dog food information, and what it takes properly feed and care for your dog.

5. Taste

Ultimately the best dog food brands should taste great to your dog. Even the best holistic dog foods are worthless if your dog does not eat it.

Poll: What do you think is the Best Dry Dog Food Brand?

Blue Buffalo
Eagle Pack
Flint River
Pro Pac
Purina Dog Chow
Purina One
Purina Pro Plan
Royal Canin
Science Diet
Timberwolf Organics