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6 Tips to Buying Pet Meds Online

1. Always consult with your Veterinarian when buying dog or cat pet medication online, talk to them about what medications you want to purchase for your pet.

2. If your pet needs the medication immediately, buy the medication from your Veterinarian. Buying medication online is mainly only good for purchasing drugs that you need for an ongoing situation, like allergy, and heartworm medications.

3. It is never a good idea to self diagnose your pet’s problem. The ability to buy medication online should not replace regular Veterinary visits.

4. The process to getting medication online is to be sure your pet needs the specific medication, order it online, tell your Veterinarian that the company will call and request the pet prescription. Ordering online is usually quick and convenient.

5. The cheapest way to buy medications online is to comparison shop. There are many websites that sell dog and cat medications online. Try to go with one that seems reputable, not always the one with the lower price.

6. Remember; when you order dog and cat pet medication online be sure to check what the company is going to charge for shipping. Many companies make up the cheap price they charge you for the pet meds with expensive shipping.

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