Swine Flu in Dogs And Cats

Can my dog get swine flu?

No, your dog cannot get Swine Flu. Swine Flu mutated in order to be able to infect humans. In the past, flu generally does not mutate to infect dogs or cats.

Can my dog get the flu from me?

No, your dog cannot get the flu from you.

Should I stay away from dog parks because of the Swine Flu outbreak?

Dogs are not affected by swine flu, so it is okay to go.

What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?

Symptoms of Swine Flu in pigs includes coughing, nasal discharge, sneezing, breathing difficulties, and not eating.

For up to date information on Swine Flu visit the CDC website at http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/. Return to Veterinary Blog.