Differences Between Canned and Dry Pet Food

Every pet owner wonders the same question: What is the difference between canned pet food and dry pet food? Many people may not realize how big a difference there are between these two products, and how they can actually affect your pet’s health.

Main Differences

1. Fiber

Canned dog and cat food is much lower in fiber then dry pet food. Canned food usually as about 0.20% fiber on an as fed basis compared to dry food that normally have at least 1.2% fiber as fed. That is 6 times the difference!

2. Moisture Content

Obviously canned pet food has a much higher moisture content the dry food. But even dry pet foods have some moisture content.

3. Calories

Because canned pet food contains a lot of water, the calorie density of dry food is much higher. Dry pet food has around 1600 kcal/lb versus canned food with 200 kcal/lb.

Should I Feed Canned Or Dry Pet Food?

Whether or not you feed one or the other is up to you. However for the most part you should try and feed dry pet food. This is because of several important reasons.

First of all, the mechanical abrasion of eating dry pet food helps keep your pet's teeth cleaner and tartar free.

Second, dry pet food is much higher in fiber which helps to regulate their digestive tract.

Third, dry pet food is much cheaper. With canned pet food you are buying a lot of water.

You can always moisten dry pet food with some tap water if you are worried about the hardness

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