Cat Adoption

Cat adoption is a wonderful thing to do for a cat that desperately needs a home. There are many places to get a kitten from, so how do you choose where to get your cat from? Also, how do you know what type of cat to adopt? This article is intended to give you some guidelines to help you make more informed decisions.

The three main places people get their cats from are shelters, breeders, and pet stores. Each of these places has their advantages and disadvantages. Shelters are great places to get cats from, because these are the ones that need to adopted the most. They are cheap and often come already neutered. The bad side about getting kittens from shelters is that people often drop cats off that have behavior problems and owners are sick with dealing with them.

Dealers are another source of getting a new cat or kitten. Look for reputable dealers and ask for references. Dealers of purebred cats can charge a lot of money, so if you are not going to show your cat, getting one from a shelter or pet store would be better.

The good side about getting a cat from a dealer is they are usually more healthy than cats form shelters or pet stores. Getting cats from pet stores is very convenient but they often come in poor health from stress, so be aware of this.

It is always best to have your new pet examined by your veterinarian as soon as possible after adoption. Many dealers and stores will let you return your new pet if the veterinarian find too many health problems.

Also to help you save money, look for cats that are already neutered and have had their vaccinations. This can easily save you hundreds of dollars. By taking your time and looking at a lot of sources cat adoption can be a wonderful thing.

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