Cat Behavior Problems

Behavior problems can be very frustrating for most owners. For most people it can be very disappointing, because you really love your cat and you don't know why they are misbehaving. Although this can be a troublesome situation, it is not an uncommon problem. Cat behavior problems are generally broken into two broad categories, aggression problems, and litter box issues.

Feline Aggression

The first category of cat behavior problems is feline aggression. This category includes anything from all out attack physical attacks on the owner to minor blighting of toes to fighting with other cats in the house. Any time you experience a sudden mood change in your cat you should always have them examined by a veterinarian.

Litter Box Problems

Litter box problems can be caused by several different reasons. Many of the changes in litter box usage are medical, but there are also many behavioral causes as well. As with aggression problems, it is always important to have your cat examined first by a vet to rule out any possible medical causes.

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