Cat Fight


Cat fights, this is another question that is commonly asked about fighting cats from owners. There pet was in a cat fight and has come back into the house with some blood on their face or body, but still look okay, the likely result from a fight.

Cat bite wounds can be very deceiving. What only looks like a small wound can have very serious consequences. These wounds frequently result in infections and can be quite debilitating. Bite wounds are more common in male cats versus female cats because they are more territorial.

I don’t see any bite marks?

Cat bite marks are very small, and to see them it is necessary to separate the hair to see the wounds. Often times you won’t see them just by glancing at your cat. Be sure to look where bite wounds happen most frequently, the face and near the base of the tail.

Why can cat bites be so severe?

Like all animals, the mouths of cats are filled with bacteria. When a cat bites, only a few, very small puncture wounds are made. The bacteria go deep into the skin, and are able to grow, and cause a deep infection. Normally when you have a larger wound, like inflicted by a dog bite, the wound is open enough for the bacteria, and pus to drain from the infection.

But with cat bites, only small pucture wounds are left which is not large enough for bacteria, and pus to leak from, so a severe infection and abscess can form.

What are the signs of an infection?

If an infection develops there will be swelling and pain near the bite wounds. Sometimes in a severe infection your cat will also develop a fever. As the infection progresses, an abscess may form, which is a collection of pus under the skin. As the infection progresses your cat can become quite ill.

Do I need to give antibiotics?

If your cat has been bitten, I would advise keeping a very close eye on your cat, and the first sign of an infection, take them to your Vet.

Infections are usually treated with oral antibiotics. Also, clipping the hair around the cat bite wound and cleaning it helps. If an abscess has formed your Vet will likely make a small incision to help the pus drain out.

You should see improvements in 5 to 7 days after starting antibiotics.

What else to I need to be concerned about?

Believe it or not, taking care of the bite wound infection is not as serious as what else your cat could have gotten infected with.

Stray cats and cats housed outside can carry viruses that can be transmitted through bites. Feline immunodeficiency virus(FIV),and feline leukemia virus(FeLV) are commonly transmitted through fighting cats.

Each of these viruses can be devastating to your cat, as any owner with previous knowledge can attest to. If your pet was in a cat fight and was bitten by an unkown cat, please make sure you and your Veterinarian talk about these diseases, and if your cat needs to be tested.

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