Cat Gestation Period

How long is the cat gestation period?

The normal gestation period for cats is normally 58 to 65 days, with the average length around 63 days.

How many kittens will she have?

This varies a lot from breed to breed, but in general two to five kittens.

How often do cats go into heat?

Generally cats go into heat twice a year, lasting about three weeks, and are induced ovulators.

How old should the cat be before breeding?

Cats can become pregnant as early as 6 months but it is best to wait. Breeding a cat too young can lead to several problems, like poor mothering and dystocia.

What are the pregnant cat symptoms?

Cat pregnancy symptoms involve an enlarging abdomen, swollen mammary glands, and nesting behavior.

Other signs of impending birth, involve nesting, increased need for attention, decreased activity and milk coming from the nipple.

How can I tell my cat is pregnant?

Your veterinarian can confirm pregnancy as early as 4 weeks by palpation, ultrasound, and later by radiograph (x-ray).

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