Cat Pregnancy Symptoms

Cat pregnancy symptoms can vary from cat to cat but in general there are some main ones that you can expect to see. A pregnant cat is often very hard to identify the first several weeks. Even your veterinarian cannot confirm pregnancy for the first couple of weeks.

After two to three weeks your vet should be able to palpate fetuses if your cat is pregnant. Also ultrasound could be used at this time as well. Around day 40, an x-ray of your cat’s abdomen could be used to confirm pregnancy as well, and give you an accurate count of how many kittens to expect.

During the first few weeks of pregnancy the only sign you may see are that the nipples will swell and become darker in color. This can be a very subtle sign early on and not always seen early in gestation.

As the pregnancy goes on you will see an enlarging abdomen and mammary glands. These are often the surest signs of pregnancy, but you have to wait until the 2nd half of the gestation in order to see them.

As the due date comes closer your cat will seek a quiet place to lay. Provide a nest box and a quiet room for her. Don’t disturb her too much at this time.

During pregnancy give your cat high quality cat food, to provide sufficient nutrients and calories.

The average gestation in cats is 63 days. This can very by several days either way, so if day 63 comes and go, don’t worry yet.

As always contact your veterinarian if you have questions on the cat pregnancy symptoms you maybe seeing. Almost all cats give birth with very few problems, unlike dogs, which have a higher incidence of dystoica.

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