Cat Vomiting and Cat Hairballs

How can I prevent hairballs in cats?

Hairballs in Cats and treatment of hairballs

Cats like to groom themselves frequently, and like to stay very clean, which in some cases causes cat vomiting. When a cat licks its hair, it swallows the hair, and passes through the intestines, and out through the feces. However, hair can become lodged in the stomach or intestine where it can form large clumps of hair. Although long-haired cats are more likely to get cat hairballs, short-haired cats can get them too.

Normally the cat hairball is passed in the feces or vomited up. If the hairball is not removed by the cat, this blockage can cause many problems. These blockages can become very serious, and can in the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, or colon.In serious cases surgery is needed to remove the hairball.

Symptoms of a major hairball problem:

• Continued coughing or vomiting

• Weight loss or decreased appetite

• Retching

Feline Constipation

• Diarrhea

• Loss of appetite

• Swollen abdomen

See your Veterinarian immediately if you think your cat is impacted or has cat GI problems.

Preventative measures

1. A diet high in fiber or a fiber supplement may also help with a chronic cat hairball problem. The fiber can help move the excess hair through the cat's digestive system.

2. Brush your cat regularly. This was your cat will swallow less hair when it grooms.


Do not use homemade products or remedies unless consulting your Vet first, as these types of products could actually hurt cat health.

The best way to treat hairballs is to buy a hairball treatment from your veterinarian, pet store, or online pet pharmacy. Then use as directed.

Also recently there have been diets specifically made to prevent cat hairballs. So instead of trying to get your cat to swallow a hairball remedy you just feed them a regular cat food formulated for hairballs. These products work by lubricating your cats digestive tract helping the hairball pass easier. There maybe some new products coming that will actually help break up the hairball itself in the future.