Choosing A Family Dog

Choosing a family dog can be a lot of fun, but there are a lots of choices of different dog breeds when choosing a family dog.

Before deciding on what breed of dog you will choose for your family, you should consider several important facts that many people forget about.

1. Size

One of the main things to answer first is if the dog will be used for any purpose? For instance, guard dog, hunting, tracking, schutzhund trials etc. Answering this question along will automatically eliminate 75% of dog breeds.

Size is another important factor. Do you have small children, or live in a small apartment? Often times a small dog, like a pug, is perfect for these situations. A larger dog like a greyhound or a shepherd dog will likely not do very well in a small apartment.

2. Demeanor

Demeanor is another important determinant. Often time’s dogs will show individual personalities, but for the most part across breeds, you will know what personality your dog will have by the type of breed. Labradors are very gentle and would be great with kids. On the other hand pit bulls would not be so great.

If you are not familiar with all the different dog breeds, you can find lists of dog breeds on the Internet, or go to your local bookstore because they will likely have several different book devoted entirely to describing different breeds of dogs.

3. Purebred?

Is having a purebred dog important to you? If so, that will limit where you can get your dog from, and it will be more expensive, registered dogs often cost thousands of dollars.

4. Do You Plan on Breeding?

Do you want your dog to be spayed or do you plan on breeding your dog? Many shelters where you can adopt dogs come already spayed, or require you to spay them once they are adopted.

5. How Old?

Age and sex are other factors that can play into your decision about choosing a family dog. Although a spayed female and a neutered male are more passive. An intact male dog can tend to be more aggressive, although this is not necessarily so. As for age, you can find dogs to adopt anywhere from puppies to old adults.

Be aware that you should not accept a puppy until they are weaned, 7-8 weeks of age. Also when adopting an older dog, it is important to beware of any existing medical conditions. Also older dogs found at pounds are often times given up for behavioral problems, like biting, chewing etc, that the old owners could no longer tolerate.

Choosing a family dog can be a lot of fun and with some careful choosing you can find a great dog. Remember to be careful when adopting a dog from a pound, but you can find some gems. So keep these things in mind when choosing a family dog.

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