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Lowering Your Vet Bills

How do you keep your veterinary costs low?

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Monthly Veterinary Account 
Why not ask your vet, if they can set up a payment plan and each month pay a set amount onto your monthly veterinary account ,that way if you need to take …

Money saving? With a vet? Dont make me laugh. 
Ear,how many vets does it take to change a light bulb? I dont know and i dont really care cos i,m off on another golfing holiday in Florida, third this …

Pet Insurance really is the way to go. It's covered very fast!

Banfield membership 
I keep my vet bills down my enrolling in the Banfield Wellness plan at PetSmart. It includes 2 full checkups annually and all his shots. Any additional …

i think insurance would be great if it was affordable, duh...

My cat follows the same philosophy that I follow 
You are what you eat. Nutrition is extremely important to me. I try to eat organic and whole foods as much as possible and eating healthy has kept me healthy …

Prevention is the Key!! 
The key to spending less is keeping your pets healthy! I feed my pets (2cats and 2dogs),the proper diet for their age. Never over feeding them. Also giving …

prayer energy 
I am trained in the art of dynamic prayer, and use it frequently to take care of my pets problems. All life responds well to this energy, even common house …

Do It Yourself & Pray 
Basically, I try my best to care for my own cats. I currently have 3, their ages are 7 yr, 5 yr, and 8 months. Before I let them out I pray over them …

Being nice to the receptionist, since often times it seems they write up the bill. I also try to buy medications online when possible. Pamela

Do your own Vaccines 
Go to the farmer's market or online and buy your pet's vaccines, along with needles, and do it yourself. Saves tons of money.

One of the most important commands you can teach your pets is LEAVE IT. I use this command for many things for the safety of my dogs and keeping them …

For a low monthly fee you can get pet medical coverage at Banfield in Petsmart. It has saved me hundreds of dollars!

More fiber in your pets diet Not rated yet
Add pumpkin to your pets health. One teaspoon per 10 Lb of weight, pumpkin with 0r without spices. Avoids hard bowel movements.

Healing any Pet Sores Not rated yet
Spray 1/2 water & 1/2 peroxide on the sore 2-3 times a day.

Baby medicine also work for dogs  Not rated yet
I have 7 dogs and I use this baby produce baby Tylenol, Pedialyte, Imodium, its not harmful to dogs my Chihuahua is 9 years,humans years, old and I been …

cheap and healthy kitty litter Not rated yet
i cant stand the traditional clay or any type of kitty litter out there on the market (very unhealthy). i went green and tried Sweatscoop (made out of …

Spend your $ wisely for pet vacation care Not rated yet
I strongly recommend using a professional sitter who is a member of a good organization such as PSI and who is bonded and insured and has several references! …

Proper nutrition and don't over vaccinate. Not rated yet
Feed high quality foods with at least two sources of recognizable protein (chicken or chicken meal, lamb or lamb meal, not just meat meal), no corn, soy …

Bathing dogs and cats Not rated yet
Put a small amount(three drops) of tea tree oil (natural food store)in the soap you use to bath your animal in. The fleas hate that oil. They flee from …


Finicky dog Not rated yet
To get our Aussie to eat his dry dog food, we sprinkle a little grated parmesan cheese on his food. He eats it all and thinks it is a great treat.

wash with antibacterial soap between toes to keep the dog licking from getting those swollen red postules or infections Not rated yet
wash with antibacterial soap between toes to keep the dog licking

It's simple for us... Not rated yet
I don't know how many people this will help, but its what we do. We live in MI, and we see my mom in NC a few times a year. We take the dog anyway, and …

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Goat Milk Not rated yet
I feed my dog raw goat milk and she has never been healthier.

Watch your pet! Not rated yet
Look for any medical problems and catch them quickly before they get out of hand and require expensive vet procedures.

Protein Not rated yet
I read labels on pet food and only feed my weight-challenged animal food with a high-protein content.

Consolidate office fees for 3 dogs. Not rated yet
We use FACE, the local free spay neuter clinic for our shots and everyday needs. We pay full freight to them, thereby supporting them. It assists a good …

Cat Furr Balls Not rated yet
My cat coughs up furballs constantly. My vet instructed me to use an expensive lotion to put on the cats paws, and the cat would lick it off, preventing …

grooming Not rated yet
I save money buy doing all my own grooming We give the dogs their baths, clean ears, eyes and trim nails. I even have clippers so that I can clip the …

SHELTERS Not rated yet

Purchase an insurance plan when your animal is little. Not rated yet
The plan will cover all vaccinations, and save a bit of money.

Keep your pets Healthy Not rated yet
I keep my pets up to date on all their yearly exams, shots etc. I feed them healthy and well balanced food, make sure they get plenty of exercise, with …

Fresh Air Not rated yet
I allow my cats to go outside everyday to get fresh air and run around. They love it

Just like people Not rated yet
Proper diet and exercise allow them to get the rest that they need. Getting them exercise allows me to be healthy with them too!

Exercise Not rated yet
Walk more

Compare Prices Not rated yet
Shop around before you decide on a vet and compare prices. You may be surprised at how much prices vary from one to another. Then be sure to visit the …

Good Nutrition Not rated yet
I keep my vet bills low by feeding my pets the best quality food I can find and by keeping them up to date on their immunizations and heart worm medications. …

file your feathered friend Not rated yet
Use a nail file to file the beak of your bird as well as their nails. Firmly grasp the birds beak and stabilize the bird close to your body and slowly …

Shop Around Not rated yet
I've found that the vet clinic at the local Humane Society is 10% - 20% cheaper than any of the local vet clinics. Plus they're open on Sunday, the only …

Just like in Humans-Prevention Not rated yet
I take my animals in every year for their check ups, keep them vaccinated and give them the highest quality food available. Can't forget exercise too.

LOW VET BILLS Not rated yet

wait it out Not rated yet
Don't freak out all the time if something seems a little wrong (unless it's an emergency). Something like an upset stomach can go away by the next day. …

One stop shopping Not rated yet
i try to take advantage of my dog's yearly visit to pick up her heart worm pills, Frontline spray and ask any health related questions or concerns that …

Dry Food All the Way Not rated yet
We have raised generations of pedigreed Somali cats, which are notorious for Gingivitis. We discovered early on that a dry cat food only diet keeps their …

Farm Stores Not rated yet
I purchase the 7 in 1 yearly vaccination shot for my dog for $8.00 and I give him the shot myself. I save money on the office visit and the price of the …

Weight Control Not rated yet
My German Shepards both have hip dysplasia which can lead to costly pain medication, x-rays, and vet visits. I have found that keeping my dogs at a healthy …

Urine Not rated yet
This works...when your little ones have accidents.... take a cotton ball and add some vinegar(any) to the urine spot. This takes the odor away! This can …

Buy dog advantage for your cat Not rated yet
The regular Advantage for dogs and cats have the same active ingredients, there's just a larger volume in the dog packs. I buy a pack of 4 for large dogs …

no vet emergencies Not rated yet
try to make sure you feed premium foods, dog gets plenty of exercise and regular vet check-ups. This will lower your vet bills in the long run.

Shop Around Not rated yet
Just like you would want to find the best doctor for your care, be sure to shop around for the best vet for your lovely animal. At the same time be sure …

Email your vet to see if there is an over the counter medicine you can try Not rated yet
My vet office and another local vet have email where you can ask a question and they will answer you back-giving suggestions on things you can try at home. …

Avoiding Vet Debt Not rated yet
I keep Vet bills low the same way I keep my own medical bills low: the cats and I: 1. Eat balanced meals 2. Exercise regularly 3. Keep our teeth clean …

WALK THE DOG Not rated yet

An Ounce of Prevention Not rated yet
Maintaining a healthy pet through routine check ups, vaccinations, and normal care is the best way to prevent serious and expensive health problems down …

THE BASICS Not rated yet

I keep certain medications on hand... Not rated yet
For my horses, I typically have drugs such as bute, banamine, and SMZs on hand and ready to use. If I have a problem, I call my vet and he will advise …

Raise One Not rated yet
Raise a child to be interested in animals and science and medicine and clients and care and love and dedication and concern and community... Then encourage …

multiple pets Not rated yet
I always take my three cats in at the same time to get their vaccines. My vet gives me a multi pet discount which is around 10 percent off my total. …

Preventive Measures Not rated yet
I lower my vet bill by exercising my dog regularly, feeding her quality dog food, keeping her shots up to date, and treating her on a preventive basis … Not rated yet
This summer my indoor cat go fleas for the first time - and believe me, they wouldn't die!@ I went to PetSmart - got some advice, some supplies, and …

Early Detection Not rated yet
I keep my pet's shots up to date and have her teeth cleaned yearly. With that said I make sure I know my pet. Every day I feel for lumps or bumps and …

regular vet visits Not rated yet
I keep my pets shots, health checkup, regular exercise daily, same type of food fed twice a day with limited snacks, patio door has a doggie door so they …

A Healthy Animal Means a Low Vet Bill Not rated yet
My tip is this: read the Internet for tips on any problems you might have with your pet. I had a problem with my cat losing hairs under her chin. I …

Listen to the Vet Not rated yet
If you listen to what the vet says while you are there, you'll see less of them in the future!

on a leash Not rated yet
Keep dogs indoors & always on a leash when taken outdoors.

food Not rated yet
never ever feed people food to you pet

go to Not rated yet
I shop at a store called pet supplies plus.

Keep your cats indoors Not rated yet
Cats may love to go outside, but for their own good, keep them in. Although cats are smart and alert, they are no match for the many dangers that await …

I never Let Our cat out of the House and watch what she eats  Not rated yet
She has been declawed But the main reason is this way she will never get fleas and thus worms . we watch what she eats by getting her science diet for …

use common sense Not rated yet
Do not feed your pets the wrong foods

Wellness Plan Not rated yet
We signed up for the annual wellness plan at Petsmart. Already we have saved hundreds of dollars on vet bills since our dog was diagnosed with epilepsy …

Prevention is key Not rated yet
I had my yard fenced in so other animals won't have a confrontation with my animals.

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Keep your cat from getting fat! Not rated yet
I feed my cat all natural food such as fresh chicken or pet foods with no artificial or harmful ingredients such as "Pet Promise". I make sure my cat …

Clip toenails at home Not rated yet
I bought one of those pedi paws to clip my dogs toe nails at home instead of taking him to the vet every time. Works like a charm.

dont overdo it Not rated yet
Don't buy unnecessary items.

Routine Maintenance Not rated yet
We keep our pet healthy the same way we keep our car from expensive repairs - we schedule annual check ups and semi annual checkups for our animals over …

Prevention  Not rated yet
Feed my dog healthy food, keep up with shots, be observant of my dogs coat, skin, and behavior

Good Food Not rated yet
Feed high quality food and treats, free of preservatives. No table food.

when your cat chew on electrical cords Not rated yet
get a cotton ball and wipe the cords with Listerine it works it may have to be re- applied weekly.

Ebay Not rated yet
A friend told me her vet suggested she check ebay for low cost animal care items. She bought flea protection medicine alot cheaper than buying it from …

shot clinics Not rated yet
our county runs an annual low cost vaccination clinic, and usually several sites over the course of a week. that saves us a lot of money.

Research Not rated yet
I research Veterinary Advice Online. Often, it is a minor problem that can be treated with OTC products. I also feed my pets quality foods, keeping them …

Navy bases often have vet services Not rated yet
I take advantage of the navy bases that have veterinarian offices. The office visit fee is usually $5 or less.

Get friendly with your vet. Not rated yet
I am fortunate enough to have a cat clinic right near my home. With three cats, two of them young with medical issues, I've spent a lot of time there. …

Indoors Not rated yet
I have a cat and what works best for me is keeping her indoors at all times. She has a sunroom where she can go out and get a nearly 360 view of outside …

Keep up with pills Not rated yet
Make sure to keep up with your dog's heart worm pills so you don't have to pay for the heart worm test when you go in for another check-up. We've made …

Proper Food Not rated yet
If you feed your dogs raw food (which is available at most vets and better pet stores) rather than the bagged or canned junk you get at the supermarket, …

Pets for siblings Not rated yet
Getting 2 puppies for your 2 children doesn't stop the argueing. Both never fail to want to hold the same pup at the same time. Just get one!!!

Preventive Care Not rated yet
Feed your dog the best dog food you can buy

Keep them safe Not rated yet
I have many animals out here on the farm and I make them safe at night from all the critters and varmits by keeping them in or I build them secure and …

Petco Not rated yet
We get cats shots at Petco

Where I go Not rated yet
I save just by going to Banfield the Pet Hospital. :)

Balanced life Not rated yet
I feed my dogs a balanced diet, brush their teeth and make sure they get exercise. We go to the dog park and we also participate in all the fundraising …

Find qualified pet sitter Not rated yet
When you go away, keep your cats at home and stress free. Find a qualified pet sitter you can trust for an hour or two a day.

keep your pet safe Not rated yet
there are many ways to keep your pet safe. i have cats so i have to make sure to keep them healthy so they don't get sick. also look for choking hazards …

clean pet for health Not rated yet
keep your pet clean and manicure regularly

LOVE! Not rated yet
Care about your pet and give them lots of love and attention. Its good for everyones health including yours! Have a happy holiday from the crew of pets …

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prevention Not rated yet
I really don't know how to keep down vet bills, and would like to know. My cat has feline diabetes and needs daily insulin and special dietetic food from …

Upkeep Not rated yet
I schedule visits regularly to make sure that my dog is up to date on everything he needs. I find it is easier and cheaper to prevent any illnesses or …

Pet Insurance Not rated yet
I have pet insurance offered through my employer and this really saves alot for those well kitty or doggy visits and my vet has a wide list of resources …

Keep Your Animals Healthy! Not rated yet
Keeping my vet bill low involves giving the best care to my animals. The better you treat your animal(health wise and physically wise)the less money you …

cheaper vacines Not rated yet
I get my vaccines for my cats and dogs ( all but rabies) at my local feed store it is only 5.00 each pet verses 20.00 each at the vet office. and it is …

what vet Not rated yet
Use a vet that actually loves animals and it seems the cost is cheaper, go figure?

Flea/Heart Worm Medication Not rated yet
You can sometimes save money by using your flea/heartguard medication prescription at on-line pet pharmacies.

Volunteer at your local vets office and animal shelter Not rated yet
I volunteer at my vets and at my local animal shelter. I get reduced rates at the vets and my spay and neuters are the $5 that it costs the animal shelter …

good care Not rated yet
If your pet gets good care and the best of pet food, he will be much healthier; therefore, less vet costs.

I do it myself Not rated yet
I make sure to keep up maintenance on my standard poodle. I bathe, clip, do his toenails and ears myself. the vet has those services but a trip to the …

Treating thme like yourselves Not rated yet
You would not go without health insurance if you could help it. A pet hads medical needs so they need insurance also

Save Money: Give Birth to a Veterinarian Not rated yet
My daughter is in her last year of study as a Veterinarian Technician before furthering her education. We have 2 dogs and 4 cats plus some ducks, chickens, …

Annual Check Up! Not rated yet
Each December my two cats go in for an annual checkup with our vet. Usually booster shots are required but more important they will receive a physical …

Coupons Not rated yet
I cut coupons and also check out the Petsmart website for any deals and ads.

Keeping your pet in tip top condition Not rated yet
Be sure your pet's shots are up to date. They are less expensive than the bills for a sick animal.

Give your pet good food and plenty of fun exercise. to keep your pet healthy and out of the vets' office

Quality Food Not rated yet
The best way to keep your pet(s) healthy and keep vet bills low is to feed your pet(s) a quality food and keep them safe while they are in or out doors. …

Humane Society Shots Not rated yet
Take your cat/dog to your local Humane Society shelter, yearly vaccines are very affordable compared to a vet´s office and you are helping homeless pets …

Hairy Cuts Not rated yet
Learn to cut your pet's hair. Get a pet razor set when they are young and start early. Not only are they well-groomed (by you) you don't have to worry …

bulk discount Not rated yet
I have a number of cats and I negotiate a bulk discount by bringing them all in at once for thier checkup and shots. There is no harm in asking and some …

Antibiotic creams Not rated yet
Instead of buying athe expensive creams that are used for rashes and pimples on dogs, use any antibiotic, overthe counter cream. I use Creasil. The vet …

Teeth Not rated yet
Brush your dog's teeth to save on dental surgery later

All In The Family Not rated yet
My way to save money on vet care for my pets?? Be lucky enough to have a sister and brother-in-law who are both veterinarians !!

Prevention is the Key to Savings Not rated yet
Once a month I use flea preventative for my two cats. I do this until the first frost to prevent fleas. I know from past experience how costly it is to …

Good practices Not rated yet
Do not over feed your dog and make sure he/she gets plenty of exercise. Make sure all shots are up to date and all meds are taken on time.

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have low maintenance pets Not rated yet
All I have are goldfish. It keeps vet expenses down

protect Not rated yet
protect pet from other pets


Keep Your Pets Safe Not rated yet
One of the biggest costs involving a pet is for medical care after an accident of some sort. The best way to avoid this cost is to keep your pet safe. …

Fecal Testing Not rated yet
Instead of paying for the vet to collect any stool or urine samples at the office. Collect these samples yourself and save! I have saved as much as $10. …

Home Care From the Farm Store Not rated yet
This tip might not be for everyone. To save a lot of money on vet bills, you can get all but the rabies shots at a farm store and give the cats or dogs …

Doing it Right Times Three Not rated yet
I manage to schedule three cats for each trip to the vet. That way I get a discount for the booster shots that are necessary to the good health of my four …

Use Petsmart Vet Day Not rated yet
If you really want to save money on annual shots and flea meds, take advantage of the Vet Day once a month at Petsmart. This usually saves me hundreds …

Preventive Care Not rated yet
Feed your pet the best you can afford, learn their daily habits and seriously, shop at Pet Smart for vitamins and nutritional needs.

Animal Fostering Not rated yet
I volunteer with my vet to foster strays that are dumped at her office until a suitable home is found for them. She in turns offers discounted pricing …

Medication Refills Not rated yet
If your animal is on a medication for any length of time ask for a larger quantity. Besides the cost of the meds there is always another charge for them …

Health Not rated yet
Keep your pet healthy daily. Feed your dog dog food, not table food and give him plenty of exercise.

Homeopathic Remedies Not rated yet
Whenever I need to, I look something up online to see if I can fix it at home, or whether I need to call a vet. also, we always keep all our cats indoors, …

Being Frugal Not rated yet
It is sometimes hard when you go to the vet because they usually carry the higher end food which is very expensive. However, we have found that our pets …

Do your own vaccinations Not rated yet
Buy vaccinations at the pet store or online and give your pet the shots in the comfort of their own home.

don't wait Not rated yet
don't wait til the last minute to take your pet to the vet. you know if he's under the weather, take him sooner so something can be done cheaper.

Rats Make Wonderful Pets! Not rated yet
I don't have to take them to the vet, thank God!

Preventive Maintenance Not rated yet
I try to follow for my pets (2 dogs and 2 cats) the same advice that is given to humans. Eat healthy foods, get plenty of exercise, keep all shots up …


Consistency Not rated yet
Choose one vet to use consistently (and a back-up/emergency vet) - that way you don't have to re-establish as a new patient (often more costly office visit). …

Early detection Not rated yet
I use in-home detection kits on my dogs every couple months regardless of symptoms to check for UTIs and such. I'd never try to treat my dog myself, but …

Save on Diagnosis Not rated yet
Our puppy has been prone to urinary infections, if we just bring the sample, we save an office visit cost and they lab the results and get our meds for …

Fleas, to get rid of them and to maintain a nice coat and skin on your pet  Not rated yet
head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner, l found this tip out long time ago for my little dog and 2 cats my dog had fleas and was 3 weeks away from …

keeping cost low Not rated yet
I save money on the vet by bringing my dogs to Petco where the cost of shots is a lot less expensive. Thank you

Keeping your dogs healthy Not rated yet
I give them the best quality food dry and canned - mostly organic as well as meat and veggies and that keeps them away from the vet. They live indoors …

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Listen to your dog for his/her diet specifics. Not rated yet
Listen to your dog for his/her diet specifics. Don't buy cheap food for your dog, just because it is convenient for your budget. With ownership of a …

Listen to your dog for his/her diet specifics. Not rated yet
Listen to your dog for his/her diet specifics. Don't buy cheap food for your dog, just because it is convenient for your budget. With ownership of a …

Multiple discount Not rated yet
We have 6 cats. When it is time for their annual check ups and immunizations, they are scheduled together, and we are given a multi-pet discount by the …

Do it Yourself Not rated yet
Often times we neglect to get our dog much needed preventative shots, wormings, and other health attention because it is so costly to go the vet and most …

Travelling vet clinics Not rated yet
Many pet stores (such as PetCo) are often affiliated with traveling pet clinics. We took our kittens to the clinics for their first-year series of shots, …

Healthy Diet and Excercise Not rated yet
I give my animals daily vitamins and they each go on 30min-1hr walks with me each day as well. We also take them to play in the parks when it is warm outside. …

Maintain consistent vet care Not rated yet
I make sure to consistently bring my cat to the vet every year. It ensures that she will get a thorough going over, ad perhaps prevent something from …


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