Cost of Keeping a Horse

The cost of keeping a horse can vary substantially depending on where you live, but know that it will likely cost several thousands of dollars a year just to maintain your horse.

What the initial price for the horse is will pale in comparison to how much it will cost to maintain the horse over its life. Before you buy a horse you should find out all you can about the cost of keeping a horse.

Also be aware that there is a great initial set up fee for your horse. By this I mean the cost of buying all the equipment like leads, saddles, and riding equipment. Most of this is just a one-time purchase but it still adds to the high cost of keeping a horse.

Boarding costs can vary greatly depending on how many services you need. Some stables have their own veterinarian and farrier so it is covered in the cost of boarding, otherwise it will be an additional cost.

Yearly vaccinations, hay, grain, deworming, and riding lessons all add to the yearly costs. Also if your horse has a severe injury or colic it can easily add several thousands of dollars on to the bill.

This article is not meant to scare you away from buying a horse, but before you buy a horse be sure you know all the costs involved. Ask questions of other people around you that own horses and come up with a written budget. Many horses are neglected because owners don’t have enough money for proper up keep. When you buy a horse you are taking financial responsibility for its well being.

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