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7 Amazing Pet Technologies

With all the advances in how electronics are applied to pets it can be easy to lose track of them.

But thanks to advancing technology it has really helped make our lives and our pet's lives easier.

Advances like pet microchips keep our pets safer, and electronic pet feeders make it easier to care for them.

Here are 7 advances that I thought were very helpful. Who knows what will come out next year?

pet microchip

1. Micro-chipped Pets

Micro-chipping of dogs and cats is a great way to keep them safe. This technology helps lost dogs and cats be returned home safely. Remember, even indoor cats can escape, so it is important to have some identification on them at all times.

GPS Dog Tracking

2. GPS Tracking of Dogs

If you hunt or do any kind of tracking with your dogs, having a GPS dog collar really makes things easier. You can know the exact location of your dog within a few feet. I believe that most search and rescue teams all have GPS collars on their dogs now: GPS for Dogs.

Electronic Dog Feeder

3. Electronic Dog and Cat Feeders

This is a great application of technology to pets. Not only do you not have to stoop down every day to feed your pet, but this machine can control precisely how much your pet eats and when. An electronic dog food dispenser is great way to put them on a diet.

Wireless Dog Fence

4. Wireless Dog Fences

This is one technology I only heard about recently. Instead of having a wood or a chain link fence in your back yard, you can now have none! It takes more time to train your dog to use it, but it does work.

Electronic Cat Door

5. Electronic Pet Doors

This is a great way to only allow your pet in the door. It works by having your dog or cat wear a special collar, and when it comes to the door it only opens for that pet. This way it prevents wildlife and other dogs from entering your house.

Battery Operated Cat Toy

6. Electronic Toys

Cat and dog toys now seem to be all battery operated or remotely operated. These are great ways to give your pets more exercise. Many cats could use more exercise, an a battery operated toy is a great way to keep them entertained.

Electric Dog Collar

7. Remote Control Dog Training

If you train your dog for field events you can now have control over them from even a great distance away. More humane collars and dog tracking systems can even be set to vibrate.