What To Do If Another Dog Bites Your Dog

A Dog Bit My Dog - What To Do

Dog bites are very common, and if you have been a member of my newsletter for a while, you have likely heard me quote that the Centers for Disease Control (the CDC) estimates that more than 800,000 people in the U.S are bit every year by dogs.

Most of these bites actually happen to children, and the dog that does the biting is the family dog. So teach your children to respect their dog.

But today I want to talk to you about what to do if your dog gets bit by another dog.

Dogs bit other dogs for all sorts of reasons, and you may think that your dog is the nicest dog in the world, and then it suddenly bites another dog! Fortunately most dogs will only bite for self defense purposes.

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Bitten

1. Remove your dog and yourself from the situation. Some people might think standing between the dogs is a good way to stop the fight but this may only result in you getting bit.

2. Get the other dog owners contact information if possible, or at least get a description of the the owner, their dog (breed, weight, markings), and maybe even their vehicle they leave in or the direction they walk away in.

3. See if there are any witnesses to what has happened.

4. Take your dog to the veterinary clinic for evaluation. Severe wounds might require antibiotics, x-rays and surgery. Minor wounds might just require cleaning of the area.

5. Check to see if the rabies vaccinations are current on your dog, and possible the dog that has bitten your dog.

Dangers of Dog Bites

1. Transmission of infectious diseases like rabies.

2. Tissue damage from the crushing injuries.

3. Bacterial infections of the wounds.

Remember, most of the damage that happens during a dog bite you cannot see. Even though the skin may only have a few wounds, the tissue underneath can be severely damage, which is where the real problem is.

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