Review of the BioPet Dog DNA Test

BioPet has a dog DNA breed test which can help you discover the breeds that are present in your dog's genetics. This is designed to help give you a better understanding of your dog's behavior and potential have health risks. Also, its just neat to see!

Also by understanding the genetic background of your dog, you can have a better insight to their personality. Genetics determine the appearance of your dog as well as behavioral characteristics.

Thanks to advances in research, you can easily map out your dog's DNA in a matter of weeks.

Most of these kits are very easy to use. All you have to do is simply swab the inside of your dog's cheek to collect the DNA sample.

Essentially it's a cotton swab and you want to collect cells from inside your dog's cheek.

Then you send the swab in a shipment back to the company. Then they remove the DNA from the cheek cells and analyze it and match it up to different dog breeds.

The BioPet Dog DNA Breed Test has a prepaid envelope you can use to send the sample back to the BioPet Vet Lab.

Once the lab receives your sample it takes approximately 3 weeks to get the results.

A nice thing about this company is that as soon as your dog's results are available they can send you the results via email.

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You also get a certificate about your dog's ancestry analysis. This details any breeds that may exist in your dog's DNA from the most prevalent to the least.

Also the certificate is very high quality and can be framed. People who have used this dog DNA breed test seem to be amazed at the results and how reliable it is.

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