Dog Ear Swelling Questions

1. Schnauzer ear boil

2. Dog ear lump

3. Basset hound with swelling under ear and neck

4. Otter hound ear hematoma

Question 1:

Allene, EnglandMy 3 year old Schnauzer has what looks like a boil inside his ear not in the ear it does not seem to hurt him we did sterilize a needle and the area and tried to open it up just a very little so it would did not drain...and there was a little blood. I have been putting triple antibiotic on it plus rubbing alcohol.


Hi Allene, Schnauzers and poodles are prone to small growths on the skin, putting alcohol and antibiotics on this lump will likely not help. Your veterinarian should take a fine needle aspirate (FNA) of the lump to determine the exact cause. These are usually benign lumps, but you need a veterinary exam to determine that.

Question 2:

Amber; Paw Paw,MI My dog has a huge hard lump in her ear, what can I do to get rid of it? I cannot afford to take her to a vet is there something at home I can do?

Answer: There are many things that could cause lumps in a dog’s ear. Hematomas, tumors, parasites, ticks, etc. It would be best to take your dog to the veterinarian; however, if you are unable to, you might be able to just observe it for a while. Is the dog itching, or bothered by the mass, or does the dog not even care that it is there? Also be aware that some lumps could be cancerous so the sooner the diagnosis, the better.

Question 3:

Shannie Mount Airy, NC Our (almost) 2 yr. old Basset Hound has developed (overnight) massive swelling under the left ear going all the way down to the bottom half of his neck. No visible lesions or scratches. The swelling is pretty tight and seems to bother him. The night before, he seemed just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer: Without examining your dog it seems like he might have a hematoma. This is a rapid accumulation of blood in the ear or under the skin. In this case it seems quite severe and I would take him to your veterinarian, who might be able to drain some of the blood (if that is what it is). The size of the swelling is worrisome, because normally hematomas are limited to the ears.

Question 4:

Sabine; Uedem, Germany My female Otter hound has a haematoma in right ear and according to the Vet an inflamed ear salivary gland. He gave Antibiotics Sunday and today. What other treatment should she have? I am very worried!!!

Answer: Hi Sabine. The antibiotics will help the inflamed salivary gland, but will not likely help the hematoma. For hematomas, it should be drained and the skin should be sutured to the ear cartilage underneath. Ear hematomas are notorious for reoccurring, but recently new suture patterns have decrease this number.

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