Dog Groomer

7 Tips to Finding a Great Dog Groomer

dog groomer

1. The best and easiest way to find a great dog groomer is by personal recommendations. Ask your family and friends who they have groom their pets, and you can usually find a pretty good one.

2. Research and ask lots of questions to prospective pet groomers. Ask what training they have had. Some groomers are a lot more qualified than others.

3. Hang around and see how they handle pets. Does he/she know how to handle nervous or anxious pets?

4. Do they sanitize equipment between pets? Clipper and brushes are a great way to transfer fleas and other diseases between pets.

5. Don’t always go with the cheapest groomer. Price is not an indication of quality.

6. How do they dry the pets? Some pets have died after being put in a drying cage and left unattended due to heat exhaustion.

7. Once you find a groomer you like, stick with them. That way you can form a relationship and they can do an even better job for you once they know your preferences, and your pet’s behavior.

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