Dog Health Information


Dog Allergies; Allergies in dogs are a very common complaint, and can be caused by several different things, like fleas, food, or the environment.

Dog Allergy Treatments; These are some common treatments used for dog allergies.

Dog Food Allergies; Dogs that have allergies to food account for up to 30% of all dog allergy cases.

Arthritis in Dogs; Arthritis in dogs can be a very painful condition if not properly treated. This article goes over the basic treatments for dog arthritis.


See our Dog Training page for lots of information about dog training and solving basic dog behavior problems.

GPS For Dogs; GPS for dogs could be the solution for your pets that are constantly escaping or disappearing.

Dog Tracking Systems; Basically, a dog tracking system is a device that is used by hunters to track the activities of their dogs while they are out hunting.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs; Separation anxiety in dogs can be a very difficult problem to solve and deal with both from an owner's perspective and a veterinairan's perspecitive.


Cancer in Dogs; Learn what the 5 most common types of cancer in dogs are and their treatments.

Lymphoma in Dogs; There is no specific cause of lymphoma in dogs. However, it appears to occur more in Boxers, German Shepherds, Scottish Terriers, Poodles and Golden Retrievers.


Heartgard; Heartgard Plus contains ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate, so it also protects against roundworms and hookworms in dogs.

Heartworm; Dog heartworm disease is caused by a worm called Dirofilaria immitis, and it is a very serious and sometimes fatal disease of dogs.

Heartworms In Dogs; These are the symptoms of heartworm infection to look for.

Heart Murmurs in Dogs; Heart murmurs in dogs may or may not be serious. Veterinarians grade heart murmurs on a scale of 1-6 to indicate how loud they are. Grade 1 is the mildest, which sounds like "shh-dub...shh-dub," and...

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs; Congestive heart failure in dogs (CHF) is not the same as a heart attack in people. In a heart attack in a person, a vessel which delivers blood to the heart muscle is blocked.

Chief Complaint (Symptoms)

Diarrhea; Most cases of diarrhea clear up on their own in 2 to 4 days. Other cases can be much more severe, and require an extensive workup.

Dog Illness; On this page of dog illnesses, symptoms and diagnosis I have given you links to help you find the answers you need to help your dog.

Dog Parvo Symptoms; Dog parvo symptoms caused by canine parvovirus are usually diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and lethargy. Also, another common canine parvovirus sign is leukopenia, which is a low white blood cell count.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms; Dog pregnancy symptoms can be hard see early in pregnancy. Most signs of pregnancy are not seen until the third trimester.

Dog Vomiting; In most cases you should not be too concerned about your dog vomiting. If you know that the dog got into something or you changed its diet, you can probably wait 24 hours to see if the vomiting clears up, but only if the dog does not appear lethargic.

Top Ten Dog Illnesses; Here are the top ten dog health questions asked and some basic quick answers to them.

Dog Pain Relief; Dog pain relief at home mainly consists of aspirin, but there are many alternative options that you may consider.

Hair Loss in Dogs; Here 10 common reasons why you might see hair loss on your dog. As you will read, the potential causes are many.

Seizures in Dogs; Seizures in dogs can be caused by many things. This article also covers common dog seizure treatments.

Heat Stroke in Dogs; Early symptoms of heat stroke in dogs are rapid heart rate, excessive panting, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness. When you lift the dogÕs lips, the gums will be hot, dry and dark pink or red.


Dog Dental Care; Here is some information on the most common dental problems in dogs and ways of treating them.

Dog Dental Signs; Here are some signs to look out for if you think your dog may have a dental problem.

Dermatology (Skin)

Cool Dog Summer; Learning how to care for these beloved pets, especially during the summer's heat, is imperative to their good health and to lowering your veterinary bills.

Dog Hot Spots; Dog hot spots are also know by several names: pyotraumatic dermatitis, moist dermatitis, or acute moist dermatitis. These are local areas of skin that become inflamed and usually infected.

Dog Shedding; Shedding is a natural thing for pets to do. Different breeds of cats and dogs shed differently. Some shed all year round, other seasonally. Different breeds can shed more than others as well.

Ringworm; Ringworm looks like a round area of hair loss on your dog or cat that can be scaly and reddened or just roughened.The two most common types of ringworm in dogs and cats are Microsporum canis and Microsporum gypseum.


Dog Ear Infections; Treatment varies depending on the cause of the infections. For dog ear infections caused by bacteria usually antibiotics are used, either drops into the ear canal or oral antibiotics if the infection is severe.

Dog Ear Swelling; An aural hematoma is a rapid accumulation of blood in the ear or under the skin.

Common Dog Ear Diseases; Dog ears are prone to a wide range of possible problems due to their vulnerable location. Here we go over common ear diseases and their treatments.


Heat Stroke In Dogs; Heat exhaustion and heat stroke in dogs are different from each other. Heat exhaustion is the first stage an overheated dog goes through followed by heat stroke, which is complete failure to be able to regulate its body temperature.


Fleas; What to do if your dog has fleas.

Flea Control; When treating pets for fleas, there are several things to keep in mind. One, you need to treat the environment, because all of the eggs and larvae that the fleas leave behind. Two, you need to treat every pet in the house.

How to get rid of fleas; How to get rid of fleas using natural ingredients.


Constipation in Dogs; Constipation in dogs can be easy to solve if you keep a few things in mind.

Dog Diarrhea; If the diarrhea is mild you can try the following in with consultation from your Veterinarian.

Prebiotics for Pets; Prebiotics is a popular trend in pet food right now, here are some FAQs on prebiotics.

Infecious Diseases

Canine Distemper; Canine distemper is a viral disease of dogs that is often fatal caused by Canine Distemper Virus (CDV).

Dog Parvo Symptoms; Dog parvo symptoms caused by canine parvovirus are usually diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and lethargy.

Kennel Cough; Kennel cough, also known as infectious tracheobronchitis in dogs is an inflammation of the bronchi in dogs. It is characterized by a dry 'hacking cough.' It can be a serious condition in some cases, but generally resolves on its own.

Dog Flu; This canine flu was first discovered in racing greyhounds in Florida in 2004. Now scientists are watching this virus spread across the east coast.

Ringworm; Ringworm in dogs is a skin disease that is caused by a fungus that affects pets and humans. Because the lesions are usually circular, and because in the past they thought it was caused by a worm.

Can Dogs Spread Infections?; Most diseases that pets get can get are not transmissible to human; however there are some serious diseases that they can. In this article we will only discuss a few of these.

Lyme Disease in Dogs; Learn how this disease transmitted by ticks affects dogs.

Insurance for Dogs

Pet Insurance Tips; Collection of articles on how to choose the best pet insurance for your dog or puppy.


Dog Medications Learn more about various dog health medications here.


Diabetes in Dogs; Diabetes in dogs is most commonly Type 1 diabetes. Learn what the symptoms are and how to treat it.

Elevated Liver Enzymes in Dogs; Elevated liver enzymes in dogs, diagnosed by a blood chemistry panel, can make your veterinarian very concerned about your dog's health.

Cushing's Disease in Dogs; Cushing's disease in dogs, or canine hyperadrenocorticism, is a common endocrine disorder of middle-aged or senior dogs.

Kidney Failure in Dogs; There are many causes of kidney failure in dogs, and often the exact cause canÕt be pinpointed.

Liver Disease in Dogs; reatment for liver disease in dogs will depend on the diagnosis, such as antibiotics for infection or immunosuppressants for autoimmune disorders.

Pancreatitis in Dogs; Pancreatitis in dogs occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed. This condition can be life threatening, and needs urgent veterinary care.


Female Dog Names

Male Dog Names

Popular Dog Names

Top 100 Dog Names


Epilepsy in Dogs; Epilepsy in dogs is defined as repeated seizures that occur over a period of several weeks or months.

Nutrition and Diet

Diabetic Dog Food; Most minor forms of type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise alone. If your dog has diabetes, your veterinarian will likely recommend a diabetic dog food.

Dog Diet; Like humans, dogs need the right combination of the basic food groups in order to have a healthy life span. Dogs also need to be regulated on the kinds of food that they eat or else they could end up being obese as well.

Dog Food Allergies; Dog food allergies are very common. They account for between 10 to 30% of all allergies seen by veterinarians.

Fat Dog; Did you know that obesity is one of the greatest health risks among dogs?

Greenies Dog Treats; The most popular treat for dogs, but why do some people think they are dangerous?

Homemade Dog Food; With all the news lately of tainted dog and cat food many people are now reconsidering how safe commercial dog and cat foods are for their pets.

Homemade Dog Food; There are many dog food recipes out there, but one man named John Miller is responsible for most of them, over 200 to be exact.

Homemade Dog Treats; Making homemade dog treats is fun and easy to do if you have easy recipes to make. There are lots of dog treat recipes out there, but what about ones that are also healthy?

Low Protein Dog Food; While this may seem sad, the fact is a large number of dogs go through renal problems and require low protein food, so don't feel alone.

Dog Vitamins; Vitamins and minerals are essential to dog health. Many things determine if your dog needs extra nutrition. Age, size, breed, and lifestyle play an important role.

Dog Food Information; Collection of articles on how to choose the best dog food for your pet.


Cataracts in Dogs; It's important to understand that cataracts in dogs can be genetic without being hereditary.

Orthopedics (Bones and Joints)

Canine Hip Dysplasia; What are the treatment options for canine hip dysplasia?There is no real cure for CHD just yet, but there are conservative or non-surgical ways to relieve its symptoms.

Joint; Here are some signs that your pet maybe suffering from joint problems.


Ear Mites in Dogs; Ear mites are a common problem, learn how to diagnose and treat this condition.

Dog Parasites; Here is a great aricle with pictures of common dog parasites, and how to treat them.

Giardia in Dogs; Symptoms of Giardia in dogs range from none at all (asymptomatic) to vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and flatulence (excessive farting).

Mange in Dogs; Mange in dogs refers to several types of skin parasites that can cause itching and skin inflammation in dogs.

Ringworm in Dogs; Ringworm is caused by a fungus and not a worm. It commonly shows up as a patch of hair loss on your dog.

Symptoms of Worms in Dogs; Learn what symptoms to look for if your dog has worms.

Ticks; When dealing with dog ticks it is good to keep it simple. The easiest and best way for tick removal is to remove them is by using a tweezers.


Dog Pregnancy Symptoms; Normal gestation for dogs is 63 days. If you count from the first day your dog was breed you should be able to closely determine your dogÕs due date, but this can vary but up to 5 days.

Whelping; She will stop eating about 12 to 20 hours before giving birth. At this time you should ring your Vet and let him know that she will whelp in the next 24 hours. Ask him if it's OK to call him at any time of the day or night if she has any problems.


Asthma in Dogs; Asthma in dogs is misunderstood, and is actually chronic bronchitis in dogs. Asthma mainly develops in cats and people.


Dog Poisoning Prevention; Pets can be exposed to many poisons and toxins around the house and yard. Foods, like chocolate and common plants all have the potential to be deadly for your pet. With just a little precaution most cat and dog poisonings can be prevented.

Dog Poisoning Symptoms; If you notice your dog experiencing any of these symptoms, then it is obvious that the dog might have consumed certain toxic materials. Hence, you need to take extreme care of your dog at such period. You may take your dog to a vet or may call the poison control center.

Vaccines and Viruses

Dog Vaccines; With the inception of vaccinations, many dogs were saved from probable death brought about by many diseases like leptospirosis, hepatitis, upper respiratory infections, and parvovirus.

Do I need to vaccinate my dog?; Vaccines to do not guarantee that your pet will not get sick, just like a human getting a flu vaccine, can still get the flu. Vaccines do not necessarily prevent disease, but it will likely minimize the seriousness of the illness if your pet does get sick.

Yearly Dog Vaccines?; Some veterinarians and pet owners are starting to question the wisdom and necessity of annual vaccinations.

Distemper in Dogs; Distemper in dogs is caused by canine distemper virus (CDV), a virus which is related to the measles virus in people.


Dog Vomiting; You must withhold food for 24 hours and then gradually start a bland diet. If at any time the dog becomes worse please see your veterinarian


Dog Owning Benefits; In studies done by medical professionals, there are several dog owning benefits which include:

Free Dog House Plans; A review of sites offering free dog house plans.

Traveling with a dog; Here is a travel guide on traveling with your dog.

Dog GI Questions; Here is a collection of miscellansous questions, some about dog health.

Top 10 Dog and Cat Medical Conditions; A very interesting article about how some Top 10 dog and cat problems are equally as common.

Veterinarian Articles; A collection of pet health articles dealing with everything from grooming to DNA tests, and more.

Allergies in Dogs; Allergies in dogs are a very common complaint, and can be caused by several different things, like fleas, food, or the environment.

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