Dog Leash Training

Doing dog leash training is a very important thing to do when they are still puppies. Whenever your dog is out of the house and not in a protected yard they should be on a leash for their safety and the safety of people around you.

Dog leash training is simple but requires a lot of patience on your part. If your dog is pulling you by its leash you have not properly trained the dog. You should lead the dog, not have the dog lead you.

The best way to start is by teaching your dog basic sit and stay commands. Your puppy should master this command first before training can expand. The best place to start practicing leash training is in your house or backyard where distractions are at a minimum for yourself and your dog.

When you go to put the leash on the dog, they should be sitting still. Many dogs get very exciting because when they see the leash they are ready to run outside. Only put the leash on your dog if they remain sitting still.

Some dogs will sit still while you put the leash on, but once it is fastened they race for the door pulling you. If your dog does this just stop and wait until your dog tires themselves out and then command them to sit. This takes patience on your part but it is important not to go one step with your dog pulling you. Your dog must know that you are the one in command at all times.

Teach your dog how to turn with you as well. With your dog on right side, to get your dog to turn right walk ahead of the snout. If your dog is not pulling you this should be easy to get in from of them to turn them. Starting dog leash training while they are still a puppy is the best way. When you are leading your dog, instead of your dog leading you, then going for walks is enjoyable.