Dog Nail Trimmers

When it comes to dog nail trimmers there are many choices on the market today. From the basic scissor clippers, to guillotine clippers, to pet nail grinders.

Also many dog nail trimmers come in different sizes. When in doubt itÕs always a good idea to get a bigger sized trimmers than what you think you might need.

Oftentimes a medium sized dog trimmer will trim almost all sizes of dogs except for the very large dogs.

Guillotine Clippers

Guillotine clippers are often the easiest ones to use, basically just have to line them up and squeezed the handle together.

Plier Clippers

Plier Clippers are a little bit harder to use than guillotine clippers, but they basically act like a scissors and you just squeeze the handle together.

Pet Nail Grinder

Grinding pet nails has only recently become very popular with the invention of PediPaws. This is a good way to trim dog nails because you work from the very edge of the nail and work in. This way it is very hard to take off too much at once.

See Recommended Product: Pet Nail Trimmer

Remember regardless of the dog nail trimmer that you choose, itÕs always a good idea to have someone help you when youÕre doing this. Also try and make your dog feel as relaxed as possible when youÕre doing this, and give him a reward if they are well behaved.

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