Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Dog pregnancy symptoms can be hard see early in pregnancy. Most signs of pregnancy are not seen until the third trimester. Many people often come to their veterinarian wondering if their dog is pregnant or what pregnancy symptoms they should be looking for.

Most vets can palpate for a pregnancy after three or four weeks. Ultrasound can give a quicker diagnosis as well. X-rays can be taken after day 42 because by then the skulls of the puppies have started to mineralize (previously just cartilage).

Normal gestation for dogs is 63 days. If you count from the first day your dog was breed you should be able to closely determine your dog’s due date, but this can vary but up to 5 days.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms of Pending Birth:

1. Lower body temperature: Normal dog body temperature is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Start taking your dog’s temperature starting a week before the estimated due date. When you see a drop of a couple of degrees, birth is imminent.

2. Nesting behavior: Most dogs will instinctively start to build a nest a few days before birth. Make sure you have an old blanket or towel, and a nice large box for her to use.

3. Mammary gland development: As pregnancy draws near, the nipples will enlarge, as well as the glands.

4. Abdominal enlargement: While it may sound obvious, it can be quite hard to determine if some large breed dogs are pregnant just from abdominal size.

By knowing what pregnancy symptoms to look for you can prevent yourself from being caught off guard. Good communication with your veterinarian through this process can really help.

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