Dog Urine Remover

Looking for a good dog urine remover can be hard.

But today there are a lot of dog urine cleaners and information about how to clean dog urine out on the internet today.

The question comes down to what works? And often times people try lots of products and keep searching for the right one, when often the basics still work the best.

Things like baking soda, white vinegar, and club soda often are cheaper and work better than most cleaners.

Also it is usually better to use organic products to clean. Some chemicals can irritate a pet's sensitive skin, and also if you have kids crawling on the ground you need to be careful as well. Here is how to clean dog urine from carpets based on my informal internet survey:

To Remove Dog Urine from Carpet

1. Start to absorb as much of the urine as possible with paper towels. (do not rub)

2. Take a glass full of water and pour it over the accident spot.

3. Blot this liquid until the paper towels show no signs of yellow.

4. Scrub the spot lightly with a brush and carpet cleaner. (try not to damage the carpet fiber)

5. Spray the spot again with carpet cleaner and follow the cleaner's instructions for removing with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat as necessary.

6. Spray an odor eliminator (available in most online pet stores) over the spot using the directions on the bottle.

To Remove Dog Urine from Wood Surfaces:

1. Clean up initially with paper towels.

2. In a bucket mix a solution of Murphy's Oil Soap and water. Using the solution clean the area thoroughly with a mop.

3. Dry with a cloth or paper towels thoroughly.

4. Spray an enzyme inhibitor (made especially to be used on wood surfaces) onto a dry rag and wipe the area.

Simple Clean-up Principles

The quicker you clean up the mess, the less likely it will stain and the easier it will be.

If you are using a new cleaner or deodorizer make sure to test in an inconspicuous place on your carpet first to avoid any unforgiving accidents.

Make sure you not only clean the mess but also deodorize it as well because pets have a great sense of smell. If they can smell it, they might try marking the area again. Pets have a great sense of smell so even if you can't smell it, they can probably can.

Dog Urine Cleaning Supplies

Paper towels or old cloth towels

Baking soda or salt

Club soda

Pet odor cleaner/neutralizer

Stain remover formulated for pet stains

Rug and upholstery cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide 3 percent

white vinegar

lemon juice


Properly used and combined, these products can clean just about anything.

Remember, if you have serious problems with your puppy or if you have acquired an older dog with an existent housebreaking problems, you probably should seek your veterinarianÕs help to see if there is a medical reason your pet is having so many problems

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