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You probably are aware of the different equestrian events that are popular all over the world. You might have taken note that equestrian events are a form of recreation and sports at the same time.

The dictionary defines the word 'equestrian' as a term referring to the skill or talent in riding, driving and manipulating horses for practical, sports and driving purposes.

Nowadays, the most practical and popular function of horses is for competitive sports. There are many horse owners and riders who are investing a significant amount of money and time to breed and raise horses.

The animals are fed and trained to run as speedily as they can. Part of the training is the ability to run over many different obstacles.

The horse riders are at the same time undergoing vigorous training for horse riding. You know how dangerous the activity can get. Horses can tend to become very rowdy. That is why sufficient training and practice is needed before a horse rider is allowed to ride horses for competition.

There are several businessmen and ranch owners who are spending money to raise horses and subject the animals to training and preparation for sporting events. This they do either for gambling purposes or simply for recreation.

Modern people are very eager and longing to see different equestrian events because they feel the activity is somehow a link that would remind modern people the old ways of transport and recreation.

Different equestrian events

There are a number of equestrian events that are popular all over the world. You would be surprised at how numerous these events are, meaning, people are really hooked on horse sports and recreation activities.

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One of the most popular of these events is the horse shows. Horse shows are exhibition activities that are like a parade to flaunt the posture of horses and the unique riding talents of riders.

Rodeos are very popular in Canada and in rural America. Rodeos are horse shows that can sometimes turn violent as the event show how seasoned riders and horse raisers' extraordinary skill to tame wild-acting horses.

Distance riding is the root of the modern horse-racing events, while gymkhanas primarily involve very young horse riders, which somehow becomes the viewing attraction for audience.

Cross country jumping is very amusing because horses and riders are subjected to different and difficult obstacles like log piles and steep courses.

Polo is a horseback sport that involves a small ball. It's like a combination of hockey and golf, only that players have to be at the back of horses before they are allowed to hit the ball into target holes.

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