Feed your ferret (or any type of pet) a species-appropriate diet...

by Amy Rectenwal
(Auburn Hills, MI USA)

....and you will reap the benefits of a happier and healthier pet - that lives longer (disease-free), too!

Feeding your pet a species-appropriate diet (i.e. food they are designed by nature to consume)can save you thousands of dollars in vet costs and medical expenses.

For example, my ferrets are obligate carnivores and, as descendants of the European Polecat, have a mouthful of teeth designed to dispatch and eat small prey such as mice, voles, rabbits, lizards, insects, etc. They do NOT have teeth designed to crunch kibble or grind/mash grains and plant material - they don't even HAVE a cecum to digest plant material.

You wouldn't encourage your family to eat "fast food" every day, the same applies for your pet. Although the convenience of pre-packaged foods cannot be disputed - the health hazards of the daily intake of these items certainly can and are readily apparent in ailments of thousands of pets fed these diets every day!

Natural, raw feeding is catching on. There are many reputable internet groups that can assist and even direct you to vets knowledgeable and experienced in natural feeding-some even have books out! Can't do the "prey model"? We don't, but you can still achieve the same results with varied meat/bone/organ from animals of appropriate "prey size" - like cornish game hen.

It sounds complicated but it's not. Once you understand your pet's nutritional needs your only left with sourcing. There are many suppliers that will ship right to your door or you can always shop at the grocery store or butcher.

Many carnivores gallantly suffer in silence as periodontal disease attacks their bodies. "Doggy breath" is not normal - it is a symptom of periodontal disease caused by a diet that inadequately cleans/massages the teeth and gums.

None of my ferrets have "bad breath". Their energy level is through the roof. Their coats are full, soft and glisten in the sunlight - with whiskers so longer they wrap around my face and tickle me when I get ferret "kisses". Excrement is minimal and odor low as their little bodies aren't trying to digest the equivalent of the "toxic taco".

Plus, I am now the beloved "ferret chef" and never tire of their loving eyes gazing in the kitchen at me while I prepare their meals:)

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