Free Dog House Plans

Free dog house plans can be found in many places on the internet. I have listed many sites where you can find dog house plans for free.

Building a dog house can be lots of fun for you and your family. Just remember to use materials that are safe for your dog and to size the dog house properly (the right size dog house for your dog.)

List of Free Dog House Plans

See Fido Dog House Plans. This website shows you how to make a Cedar Wood Doghouse and has hand drawn sketches.

Lowe's Dog House. Lowes, the home builder, shows you how to build a dog house! This has a list of tools and materials and detailed sketches.

More Dog House Plans. This site has actual pictures.

Ron Hazelton's Dog House. Excellent site with high quality pictures.

Cute Dog House Plans. This site shows you how to build a cute dog house with a porch!

Dog House Plans. This site is pretty good with dog house plans and graphics.

Good Dog House Instructions. Good basic instructions on building a dog house, but no graphics or pictures.

Another basic dog house site. This site has just a very basic dog house design.

More Dog Plans. This site has some basic instructions, but can be hard to read due to background graphics.

Dog House Plans. This site just has some sketches which can be hard to read.

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