Greenies Dog Treats

Greenies dog treats have become a really popular dog treat. They are great for maintaining your pet dental health, and they help to keep your dog's breath fresh.

For all their popularity, some people believe greenies dog treats may have led to their pet's death.

What are greenies?

Greenies were designed to help dog dental care and to maintain your dog's oral health between regularly scheduled cleanings.

When given once a day they can reduce tartar build up by almost 70%. This is key for keeping your pet's gums healthy.

Greenies are made with four easily digested proteins.

Wheat protein isolate
Soy protein isolate
Sodium caseinate

This protein combination is designed to quickly digest in your dog after consumption. In fact the manufacturer claims it is 96% digestible. On their website they say you can put greenies in a glass of water and it gets soft after only a few hours.

Recently they came out with a new formula and a new shape. The greenie is shaped like a toothbrush, and it has natural breaking points to help your dog chew it.

Discount Greenies Coupons

How much do Greenies dog treats cost?

Greenies can be found at most online stores, and even your local pet store, they are truly popular.

Normally the price of greenies can range from about $8 to $32 depending on the size.

Normally your veterinarian has greenies coupons available, just ask.

Different Sizes; Large, Regular, Petite

There are actually five different sizes of greenies.

How do you decide which greenie size is right for your pet?

Below is the chart the company provides to help you decide which size to buy for your dog or cat.

Jumbo for dogs over 100 pounds
Large for dogs between 50 and 100 pounds
Regular for dogs between 25 and 50 pounds
Petite for dogs between 15 and 25 pounds
Teenie for dogs between 5 and 15 pounds

Dangers with Greenies

There have been a few reported deaths due to greenies. What is reported to happen is that the dog eats the greenie and it can obstruct the intestines and possible cause other dog GI problems.

Although this has rarely been reported you should be aware of this when considering your purchase of greenies.

Also greenies is not recommended for dogs less than 6 months old or less than 5 pounds.

Feline Greenies

By four years of age over 80% of cats have some form of dental disease. So cats also need regular dental care and cleanings.

Cats are picky about what they eat, so greenies are available in several different flavors.

It is recommended by the company that you feed these as a treat to your cat, up to 6 pieces 3 times per day, along with the normal food and water offered.