Cat and dog heat exhaustion

Heat stroke in pets

Cat and dog heat exhaustion and heat stroke in pets are different from each other. Heat exhaustion is the first stage an overheated pet goes through followed by heat stroke, which is complete failure to be able to regulate its body temperature.

With summer coming up it is important for you keep a close eye on your pet. One of the best ways to protect your pet from the heat is to never leave them in a car during the day. It is great that you take your pet with you to the store, but leaving your pet in a hot car or truck can be deadly.

A pet that is suffering from heat exhaustion will pant, lie down, and appear disorientated. If you think your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion take your pet to a cool area and being cooling them with wet towels. Then call your Veterinarian for further instructions.

Heat stroke in pets is very serious. Heat stroke causes a disturbance in blood circulation possibly causing several organs to fail. A few extra precautions with your pet this summer will make you both happy. Also see: Cool Dog Summer, and Free Ask a Vet.