Horse Camping

How to Truly Enjoy Horse Camping

Camping as an activity is truly exciting. The recreational initiative is a rewarding and exhilarating adventure for people, who work so hard on weekdays.

If you are a horse owner and you have a few good horses in your stable, camping is also an activity that would test the overall endurance and reliability of your horse.

Camping with your horse would be a worthwhile experience and will provide a good bonding activity between you and the horse.

Horse camping can be done with you alone with the horse, or with you and some company, together with a few horses. The excitement would also be as fun if you resort to camping with your family or friends and the best loved horses from your stable.

But because horse camping is an outdoor activity and you will be out in the wilderness, there are a few reminders that will help make the activity fun, worthwhile, safe and rewarding, all at the same time.

Checklist before going to a horse camp

Before finally embarking to a horse camp, whether alone or with some company, you must first make sure that the horse, or horses, you take with you are healthy and vigorous enough to go outdoors and spend a few days and nights out in the cold wilderness at night and the scorching sun during the day.

You must make sure the horse is free from any medical complications and isn't suffering from any physical defect or shortcomings. This will ensure that the animal won't encounter problems when out on steep roads and courses or enduring long-distance travel.

This should be done especially when you are about to horse camp alone with the horse. Imagine, if the horse suddenly fell ill or died in the wilderness that is hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, how could you possibly go back home?

Check the horse shoes. Before going to the camp, make sure that the horse's nails and shoeing outfits are in good condition. Make sure also that you are knowledgeable of fixing loose horse shoes or are adept at replacing lost shoes in case of emergencies.

Remember that horse shoes will help assure the walking and running capability of the horse especially on abrasive terrains.

Next thing you should look at would be your familiarity with the campsite. You don't want to be lost in the wilderness for a few days, do you? It would also help if the horse is familiar with the area or the terrain.

The horse should be used to trekking terrains. Experts say that the horse should be used to taking abrasive and steep terrains. Previous experiences of the horse in taking such initiatives would help to make sure that animal wouldn't give up amid the camping activity.

When finally going horse camping, of course, you should check on the basic needs for both yourself and the horse. Water is on top of the list. Bring sufficient drinking water for yourself. You may not opt to bring water for your horse if you are 100% sure that there will be a nearby stream or river in the camping site where the horse can drink.

Since horses eat grass, there is also no need to pack food for the horse. But do pack food that is bound to last you a few days. Bring only the basic food supply.

The horse trail

If the camping activity will involve a group of people, it is advisable that you carry along a horse trail. The horse trail would serve as a mode of transportation for those who are unable to get going through tedious journey along the way.

For children and women, horse trails are also ideal to use to make sure they will be comfortable all throughout the camping duration.

When going to a horse camp with a horse trail, you could opt to buy one or rent for the event. There are good aluminum-made horse trails around that aren't too costly.

If you feel the horse trail wouldn't be useful to you in the future, then, it would be wise to just rent one for a particular occasion.

When looking for a horse trail, make sure it is spacious and is comfortable enough for those who would be on it. Aluminum horse trails are more advisable than those made of other materials because they are lighter in weight.

The horse wouldn't feel too much pressure when tagging the trail along in a journey.

Good luck on your horse camp and always be safe.

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