How to Bath a Cat

Learning how to bath a cat may seem obvious but as many people find out it is more difficult than it looks. Properly bathing a cat takes preparation time and most likely a good partner.

First of all cats rarely need to be bathed. Your cat should not have to be bathed more than twice a month at the most, unless it has a skin condition or has gotten into some toxins. Bathing your cat too much can lead to skin problems.

Before bathing your cat:

1. Possibly find someone to help you bath this cat. Often times one person can hold the cat while the other can do the bathing or run for things that you may have forgotten, like an extra towel.

2. Trim your cat’s nails beforehand. Cats don’t like to get wet and often times will try to bite or scratch. Taking the time trim your cat’s nails beforehand can help prevent some serious scratches.

3. Gather all the supplies you need to bath your cat. Towels, shampoo, a brush or a comb, and maybe some old cloths to wear yourself.

Now you are ready to bath your cat follow these steps:

1. It is best to hold your cat firmly right behind the neck. Grasp the extra skin there and hold tight. A proper grip will not allow your cat to turn and bite or scratch you.

2. Slowly fill the sink or tube with a few inches of lukewarm water. You may want to do this beforehand if your cat is scared of running water.

3. Use a cup to soak your cat’s body, avoiding the head. Slowly soak your cat with lukewarm water.

4. Then apply a small amount of shampoo, not too much or it will be hard to rinse out. Slowly massage it in, working up lather.

5. Rinsing your cat off is the most important part. Be sure to remove all remaining soap. Any soap left on your cat, and they will likely ingest it and could become ill.

6. Thoroughly dry your cat off. This is vital, especially if you live in a cooler climate.

Learning how to bath a cat is easy, but actually doing it can be quite difficult as anybody who has tried to bath a cat has found out. Good luck, and avoid being bit. Cat bites are very serious, and if you become bite, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water.

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