How To Bath Dog In 5 Minutes or Less

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Do you dread giving your dog a bath? Is it a big soapy mess? Do you let your dog go without a bath for weeks because it is too much of a hassle?

Well, you're not alone.

Human shampoos are
too acidic for a dog's
skin and can dry it out

There are other challenges to washing your dog.

Professional groomers are always a good option ... provided it's in your budget (not always the case -- especially these days).

If bathing your dog has become a challenge or you want to give it a try to save some money, then I have a few tips for you.

Here they are:

>>>Before you get your dog involved, gather all the things you'll need and prepare the bath area.

>>>Place a bath mat at the bottom of the tub so that your pet will not slip and fall.

>>>Place a screened cover over the drain to catch pet hair before it goes down the drain.

>>>Start by brushing or combing the entire coat. Remove all the mats in your dog's coat. Some areas may need to be trimmed with clippers. If the coat is matted with sticky material, try soaking the area with mineral oil for 24 hours.

>>>Put a drop of mineral oil in your dog's eyes to protect them from suds. Some people also put cotton balls in their dog's ears.

>>>When using a spray hose, spray low and hold it closely against your pet's coat so water saturates the coat and skin.

>>>When your pet is completely wet, apply shampoo to his back and then work it through his coat for about 3-4 minutes and rinse twice.

>>>Now let your dog shake and dry him off with towels and keep him warm until he is completely dry.

If a dog is bathed too often the skin will be stripped of its natural, protective oils. This will result in dry itchy skin, which will cause your dog to scratch, further irritating the already sensitive skin.

Finally I want to tell you about a product that can make the actual bathing process MUCH easier.

It's so easy, even the kids can do it.

The product is called RapidBath¨ and it uses the same powerful washing technology found in professional dog-grooming tools.

I bought one last month to use and think it is an excellent product, and it could make bath time much easier for you and your dog.

P.S. - This product works great for indoors and outdoor bathing, and attaches to garden hoses and shower heads.

If you would like to see a video of this amazing power-wash system in action just click on the video below.

If you want even more information you should be able to buy this product from most pet stores and from Amazon.com

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