Hunting Dog Training

Hunting dog training is something that does not have to be overcomplicated, but it does take time and a commitment on your part. Hunting game can be great fun. For those who hunt with a dog, it can be even more fun. There is nothing like spending the day in the wild with just you and your dog. But before you can get to that enjoyable day, you have to put in work training your dog.

One thing to comment on before we get further into this article is the use of hunting dogs as house dogs or pet dogs. If you want an optimal hunting dog or field trial dog you should not treat your hunting dog the same way you would a pet dog.

Now the best time to start training a hunting dog is when it is a puppy obviously. You should start with the basic sit, stay, and fetch commands. Once your dog has mastered this you should proceed to more advanced retrieval exercises.

One thing that will greatly aid this process is an electronic training collar. This collar will not harm your dog, but will gently remind your dog who to pay attention to. This comes in handy when your dog is too far away to heard or see your commands sometimes.

Once your dog has a mastery of the basic commands, you should start training in a more realistic environment. For gun dogs, they should be exposed to gun noises on a regular basis so they are used to them, and will not be spooked.

One thing to be cautious of during the off-season is your dog getting fat. Continue to give your dog good amounts of exercise and a proper diet, no table scraps. Obesity is all too common in dogs today, and it is one thing you should be very vigilant of.

Hunting dog training can be a lot of fun and a good bonding experience. If you do a good job with your dog you can enter field trial competitions as well. If you keep your dog in shape during the off-season and regularly train them you will have a great season. Also check out our articles on obedicence training, GPS for dogs, and dog tracking system.