July 31-August 6 questions

Boston Terrier with hemorrhoids

Cat giving birth

Mouse with a head tilt

Dog with white worms

Cat hair loss and flea medication

Question from:Rhonda: Spokane, WA
Do Boston Terriers get hemorrhoids? what can i use for them? Can I use people medicines?

Answer:I think your Boston Terrier most likely has impacted/infected anal glands. The common clinical signs include scooting on the ground and licking that area. Impacted anal glands are often easily treated by manual decompression. It can be done by compressing the lateral sides of the anus with your thumb and fore finger. Infected anal glands need antibiotics for a cure. (See: Antibiotics for Your Pet)

Question from:Bill: Orlando, Florida
I have a semi feral female cat, that appears to be less than a year old. I believe she has been in labor for about12-16hours. She has only given birth to 2 kittens in the past 3 hours. Would it be safe to move her and the kittens? Thanks.

Answer: The entire cat’s litter is born usually within 6 hours with kittens every 30-60 minutes. If she is stressed and distracted she is able to stop her labor and restart the next day. The mother usually eats the placenta and membranes of the kitten’s sac. Do not attempt to move her and the kittens to a better spot after labor has started. This may stress her into curtailing her labor or worse may scare her into neglecting the litter. Strong contractions for more than 60 minutes without production of a kitten indicates she needs help and should go to the vet right away. (See: Cat Pregnancy Symptoms)

Question from:LeeAnn: Kansas City, Kansas
My mouse is holding head sideways and running in circles, no injury can be seen, pregnant, due any time, isolated in birthing tank, what could it be?

Answer: Your mouse has a head tilt due to an inner ear infection. Head tilts are difficult conditions to treat because antibiotics are given systemically and then the antibiotics must penetrate the inner ear. It is hard to get a high concentration of antibiotics in the ear so treatment usually doesn’t work in the cases I’ve seen and treated. You can try treatment with diluted baytril in the drinking water.

Question from:Adrienne: Golden, BC
My dog has white, small worm like objects coming out of his rectum- his appetite is gone but other than that he seems fine- any idea what kind of work it is and how we can get rid of it? Thank-you very much!

Answer: Your dog has tapeworms. Owner’s usually find them and describe them as white grains of rice. Dog tapeworms are easily treated with praziquantel. Your dog likely got the tapeworm form fleas. They are the main source of infection of tapeworms for dogs and cats. So when you treat your dog for tapeworms, you also have to treat your dog with flea medication.

Question from:Chris: Eugene, ORMy cat has fleas and I tried applying a liquid flea medicine to the back of her neck. The medicine caused her hair to fall out. I gave her a bath but still need to get rid of the fleas. What should I do?

Answer: Most likely this was because you used a store purchased flea medication. (For complete information on store purchased flea medications, please see the most recent issue of my newsletter) I would give your cat a bath to help remove any residue that might be left on your cat’s skin. Then I would see your veterinarian about getting a different product, that has a different active ingredient so the same condition doesn’t happen again. (See: How to Bath a Cat)

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