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Virbac yard spray

Dog with congestive heart failure

Female cat bleeding after spay surgery

Dog with rabies

Dog painful after surgery

Question from: Bill, Peekskill, NY
I have a 4 year old female Greyhound and would like to know if the Virbac Yard Spray concentrate is in anyway harmful to her. Thank You

Answer: Virbac should be safe, as long as your dog doesn’t drink it directly from the spray bottle. This is what I got from the manufacturer: What are the side effectsThis product can be harmful if swallowed. Call a physician or poison control center immediately. If in the eyes, flush with plenty of water. If on skin or clothing, remove clothing and wash before reuse. Wash skin with soap and warm water.

What special precautions are there? This pesticide is highly toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Do not apply directly to water. Do not reuse empty container. Wrap container in newspaper and discard in the trash.

In the event of overdose Contact a physician or poison control center immediately.

Question from: Elizabeth, Brantford, ON
My dog has a choking cough, and has been diagnosed with congenital heart failure. Is there medication that can be given to help her Is there anything I can do for example: keep her in a cool place, special diet to help her.

Answer: Hi Elizabeth, I think you are confused between congenital and congestive heart failure. I assume you mean congestive heart failure which is characterized by a choking cough. The most common treatment is diuretics (furosemide) which removes excessive water from the lungs, and a drug like digitalis that improves the contractility of the heart. Please work with your Vet for treatment.

Question from: Amanda, Jacksonville Arkansas
I just adopted a shelter cat, and she was spayed 4 days ago, and has started to have some vaginal bleeding. Is this normal? She is 2 yrs old, and the shelter worker thinks she has had kittens recently.

Answer: Hi Amanda, The thing with shelter cats is they are spayed at all different stages of estrus and pregnancy, so when a cat is spayed during one of these periods it is not uncommon to have some bleeding. If the bleeding is excessive I would see a Vet though.

Question from: Tatjana, Subotica, Serbia
Please, help us with some basic advice. Our dog is having symptoms similar to rabies, it seems like he's dieing. How can we help him best in case that maybe he suffers from other diseases but not rabies?

Answer: If your dog is vaccinated for rabies it sounds like it could be something else. If your dog is not vaccinated for rabies and is showing neurological signs I would immediately quarantine the dog and do not allow anyone to come into contact with the dog. Please see a Veterinarian immediately.

Question from: Doug, St. Libory, IL
Our dog had surgery Thursday she was fixed. Since then she is always panting and is real clingy I understand she won’t want to move around a lot but she plays a little but she won’t leave your side when you sit down and then she starts panting real fast and breathing real fast and shallow.

Answer: Hi Doug. By the way your dog is acting I would say your dog is exhibiting signs of pain. Perhaps talk to your Vet about some analgesia that would help your dog. All animals react differently to surgery, and your dog just seems more painful than others.

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