June 19-25 questions

Kitten sneezing

Constipated cat

Basenji with bloody stools

Lab with cracked foot pads

Adult dog tooth removal

Question from:Jennifer

Waukesha, WI

Hello: My new kitten has got a cold. He is sneezing and has a runny nose. Is this something I should worry about? Should Iwait it out or take him into a vet? Please let me know! Thanks, Jennifer
Answer: Hi Jennifer. There are many causes of upper respiratory infections in kittens, including viral and bacterial causes. If your kitten appears lethargic or is not improving I would take your kitten to the Vet. Once your kitten is feeling better be sure to get him fully vaccinated to prevent further occurrences.

Question from:Kristin

My cat is 13 years old, and we just moved into a new flat. The problem is, for the last two days or so, she has been havingproblems regarding her doing the toilet. Yesterday, she had a spot of diarrhea, the day before, she had been constipated and there was a light bit of blood. She was fine today, until tonight, where she used the litter tray but afterward, was bleeding again and kept going to the litter tray trying to push. Nothing came out, but little tiny spots of blood and she keeps licking her back end. What could be causing this bleeding and should I take her for anexamination?

Answer: I don’t think your cat has diarrhea, I think the little spots of blood your are seeing are from an urinary tract infection/inflammation. It is not uncommon when cats are stressed. I would take your cat to your Vet who can prescribe medication (usually antibiotics) to help cure this.

Question from:Mike

Marietta, GA

My Basenji was spayed a month ago with no apparent problems. I left her at my mothers for a week and now she has bloodystools. Can this possibly be a diet change? She has no obvious pain or problems.

Answer: Hi Mike. Yes, bloody stools in a dog can be related to dietary changes and/or stress. If you ever want to take your dog to your mother’s I would bring some of her regular food along to prevent this in the future.

Question from:Shari

I've recently noticed that my 4 year old lab's pads are cracked. Should I be concerned or is this normal?

Answer: Some very small cracks can be normal, especially after walking or running on hard surfaces. Severe cracking can cause pain in dogs. Sometimes infections can cause foot pads to crack, and for these you need antibiotics. Another treatment you could try are dog foot boots and antibiotic cream.

Question from:Karyn

Warwick, RI

Is it possible to have an adult dogs teeth removed? Thanks so much! I can't find the answer anywhere!

Answer: Yes, in fact it is done routinely by Veterinarians. They often do tooth removal for diseased or rotting teeth. If you think your dog has a dental problem, please contact your Vet. (See: Dog Dental Care)

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