June 26-July 2 questions

Hot spots on dog

7yr old beagle with pyometra

Vomiting Dog

Dachshund wobbling

Dog with bloody nose

Question from:MariaWhat causes hot spots and what should I do for one on my dog's leg? Should I wrap it or just clean it and leave it open?

Answer: Hi Maria, dog hot spots are usually caused by allergies (fleas or food) or self trauma, or even by clipping the hair too close to the skin. The best treatment is to clip the hair around the spot and clean the area, and leave the area open to the air. Also systemic antibiotics from your Veterinarian should also be added if the infection is severe.

Question from:NancyDelavan, ILMy 7 yr. old Beagle has been diagnosed with pyometra. We are told that death is certain without a$500-600 operation which we can't afford. Anything else that we can do? Please HELP!!

Answer: A closed pyometra is a life threatening condition. Surgery is curative, so see if your veterinarian can offer you a financing plan. A pyometra is a very serious condition and can cause a dog to become very sick and die quickly.

Question from:MeghanRonkonkoma, NYMy dog is vomiting and is lethargic is there something I can give her to ease her discomfort until I take her to the vet tomorrow?

Answer: Yes, the main thing is if your dog is vomiting is to withhold food, but not water. For more information check out this article on DOG VOMITING.

Question from:VelmaEight Mile, AL

My dachshund (3 1/2 years old) has been acting strange about once a day sometime twice. She will act like she is dizzy, can't walk without wobbling. Looks disoriented. I am worried about her when she gets this way. What do you think she is suffering from?

Answer: Dachshunds are prone to spinal problems, so maybe this is causing the clinical signs. I would take your dog to the Vet for a complete physical.

Question from:Patricia Hoyt lakes, MN

My dog has had a bloody nose since Friday the 24th of June. My vet says x ray looked OK but could be possible tumor and if it is he said there is nothing he can do anyway. Help. Dog is 13

Answer: This is a serious condition, I would recommend getting a second opinion. If it is cancer there are many treatment options available today, like chemotherapy for dogs.

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